The Terran Theme, or How to Feel like a Space Trucker Cowboy

For some reason the grimy twangy industrial country rock of the Terran theme from StarCraft is a very specific vibe that brings me great joy. I'm sure a large part of it is nostalgia for the game (and that particular era of PC gaming), but when this track comes on in my life BGM playlist I am downright thrust into that groove.

I still haven't really put much time into StarCraft 2, but they seem to have done a decent job reprising this peculiar genre (though it doesn't feel quite right to me for some reason):

I think its captured quite well by this Fallout 2 track:

Also, strangely, I get a twinge of that specific twang from this Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 track, but with that grunge and bleakness mostly scrubbed away:

Any other music get you in that space-truckin' mood?

The Terran remixes in Heroes of the Storm are really really good. They vamp one of the terran themes on loop for draft/ban and it's the one that gets me the most hyped every time.

Rimworld OST has a lot of these textures but the tunes never really crescendo like the ones you posted. They more just drift on by

I continue to be enraptured by the Weather Channel-esque vibes of the Tetris CD-i soundtrack and couldn't help but notice that the Level 3 track has some subtle Space Trucker Cowboy flavor:

I haven‘t played it, but I remember hearing that the Rebel Galaxy soundtrack has this thing going on and, well, it doesn’t disappoint. The whole ost is pure space trucker cowboy, but here's a few standout instrumental tracks:

Loving this VF track—it’s got some of that Terran guitar plus some sick organ, all wrapped up in that 90s Sega blue skies sheen

Maybe it‘s the obvious post here but I’ll always prefer this model of Space Truckin'


@“kory”#p32295 that specific twang from this Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 track

Heh. That's pretty much the bassline from [_La Femme d'Argent_.]( Someone at Frontier has good taste.

Gun Frontier tries to emit a _western_ vibe through [its entire soundtrack.]( I think some tracks get close to the sound you are longing for, although you'll have to make do with a YM2610 in lieu of a real guitar.

Here is a (very short) guitar cover of 荒野へ (_Into The Wild_):

Also, it's not exactly the same sound but something tells me you'd enjoy most of [Mick Gordon's soundtrack for the South African adventure game Beautiful Desolation.]( It has the same "peaceful contemplation mood but composed in Minor mode with some drifting reverb" characteristics.


@“chazumaru”#p37877 That’s pretty much the bassline from La Femme d’Argent.

Oh good call! I didn’t make the Air connection before, but now I totally hear it. Reminds me of when I first heard [this Celeste B-Side track]( and couldn’t help but think of Le Voyage de Pénélope.

Thx for the Gun Frontier rec—that ship design is rad as heck!

As for wistful lo-fi western tunes, one of my absolute favorites comes from the OST for the unreleased game Western Lords: