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I am working in a semi ambitious tapestry crochet thing right now for a gift and I just came up with an even more ambitious and ridiculous idea. What if I did a tapestry crochet thing out of a gameboy or wonderswan screenshot matching the original resolution? Game Boy is 160 x 144 and WonderSwan is 224 × 144. It would be A TON of work, but it should be doable with a lot of time and a small enough yarn. For reference Im currently working on a 75x75 thing that I'm aiming to finish in a week. So given two months imagine something like one of the level title screens in Kirby Dream Land 2 or a random screenshot of Mr. Driller on the WonderSwan


I can't find any information online about someone having attempted this before and now I'm super curious about how it might look


@“穴”#p144954 this rules. I‘ve been planning out my knits in a pixel art program but haven’t thought to actually try to replicate existing pixel art

I've entered my machine knit hat era (aka my oh no I need to make Christmas presents era)

I haven‘t felted in some weeks, but we did have a work activity today to learn a bit about beading and sewing. Beading’s such precise work! Luckily I had a template on hand to express how well it went for me.![](

Really enjoying my cheap plastic toy knitting machine and looking into getting a vintage all metal flatbed knitting machine second hand. The model I have my eye on is programmable via punch cards and it continues to blow my mind how much overlap there is between vintage computers and vintage fibre machines. Apparently Charles Babbage was even inspired to make his analytical engine by punch card programmable Jacquard looms from the early 1800s.

Forget Turing complete, this thing looks IBM compatible. I'm hoping I can find one in decent condition for cheap(ish).


@“TracyDMcGrath”#p144983 i might have to get one of those machines, these look great


The hats were made on the Sentro 48, which you can find on sale for around $40. It's extremely temperamental and knits pretty loose but you can do a lot with it. I've already made a sweater t shirt with it and it took less than a day to knit (more than that for me to lazily assemble all the parts lol)



Update: the ancient beast has been found, it has been cleaned, it is now producing stockinette


Punch card reader works too, this thing really blows my mind

Some of the tucked stitch designs this thing can do are absolutely wild looking

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p147323 soooo cool!

Starting to play around with manually manipulating the stitches while machine knitting and you can do almost anything you can do with hand knitting on the machine as far as lace goes, and it's much faster and more intuitive to work on.

Here's a council of gnomes about to set off on an adventure.


Haven’t posted here in a while, here’s some stuff I’ve been workin on: