The time for the entirety of insert credit to play ACE COMBAT has finally come

@yeso#19973 Thread got kinda fast yesterday and I missed this message, and it's something I failed to convey on my Strangereal explanation. These games show how interesting fiction can become when you just barely adjust the mirror to slightly distort the image, as opposed to the usual fantasy space ninjas or whatever.

I love how distinctly PS2 the mix of seriousness, goofy epicness and melancholy of these games feel. A cool series for sure.

@JoJoestar#19931 No

AC7 is on game pass, so I can just play that if I want to get involved in this thread, yeah?

@goonbag#20238 I‘m not sure since I don’t have gamepass but yeah, jump on it if you can. Take a look at this trailer for maximum motivation and amazing music.

@Fishie#20224 what are you some kinda energy air force fan?

the ace combat team should make an adaptation of distant star. It would be a good fit. I’m going to send a few emails and see if I can get some traction

I ordered a physical copy of Ace Combat 7 yesterday and it should arrive tomorrow. It's only $20 right now!

I'll keep you all abreast of any shipping updates.

@yeso#20693 Heck yeah


Random picture of my Spanish edition, also have you read the original story in Nazi literature in America? It's good as well.

@CidNight#20694 Oh yeah it's on sale here as well. Heh, talk about perfect timing!

@JoJoestar#20244 It is on GP and I installed in on my One X and it runs real nice and… wow. This is real fun!!

@JoJoestar#20829 yes have read NLitA. I think it would be a good ace combat mission to dogfight carlos wieder while he‘s trying to sky-write. He’d be a good antagonist ace. And I can imagine arturo B in ace combat style cutscenes lol

I've got AC3 JP (with English patch), ACX, and one of the PS2 entries ready to go. Just need to prioritize it at some point, possibly for streaming.

Hey no jokes here, Bolaño was quite the strategy and wargame fan. He used to sit with their children to play Civilization. He also liked miniature wargames and could sit playing for hours. Here's an interview with the owner of the games shop he used to visit in Blanes.

lol amazing- bolaño a confirmed gamer

and re the thread I‘ll jump in with AC zero since that’s the one I most want to replay

@PasokonDeacon#20848 I'd recommend starting with the one on PS2 whichever it is!

@goonbag#20831 Yeah it's an excellent game. Honestly the critic did this one a disservice very similar to the one that had been going on with Yakuza until not that long ago, but on the other hand, AC7 was the first game of the series in who knows how many years.

@yeso#20857 Zero rules, I wish they had given out that one with 7 instead of 5.

It is time


@captain#21217 LOL okay ya dragged me

ace combat 3 is the BOMB I can‘t wait to play all the rest. I wan’t expecting to like that game so much but boy did I fall in love. That soundtrack could have been released on Warp Records for all I care.

Also that Sky Crawlers looks coooooll Do you have to play it with motion controls?

I'm late to the thread, but I own AC7 and none of the earlier ones. I managed to start AC7 when I bought it, but then I got distracted by something shiny in my peripheral vision and never went back to it.

Is this a good enough point as any to dive in?