?❄️✨ The Twelve Days of Insert Credit Xmas ✨❄️?


@Gorblax#12055 I just want to note the correct #5 was FIIIIIIVE ELDEN RIIIINGS

It was voted as most anticipated entry into The Twelve Days of Insert Credit Xmas, isn't that enough?

Also if we're going to alternate endings I thought of 4 Dragon Quarters too late

@tapevulture#12067 is that chronic the sludgehog

@exodus#12079 ya. or ganjic the bonghog

@tapevulture#12081 marijuanic the pothog

420 the 69hog, nice

Yeah, it's weedic the stonehog

@tapevulture#12067 did you draw this yourself?

@yeso#12097 no i googled “sonic smoking weed.” didn't even have to scroll down

weedsmokes the marijuana pig

@tapevulture#12100 just did the GIS myself, story checks out

Dankpuff the Cotton-mouthed tokesmoker

okay this has gone far enough.

This thread has gone in a pleasantly unexpected direction, I have to say.