the wonderful universe of remedy entertainment

i mostly wanted to make this to gush about max payne

amazing video game

shootdodging feels so good

im brand new to remedy's games, but wow

they nailed it pretty good with this max payne 1

im on track to finish it by tomorrow i think, i played a whole bunch of it this morning

along with the game being very fun to play, the general vibe and direction it has is pretty awesome

i love the graphic novel cutscenes, the moody dark noir of it all

the voice acting across the board fits into the mood all the more

max payne is the kind of anti hero thats really fun to see go through this hell, while solving this mystery that increasing grows in scale and ridiculousness as the game progresses

im very excited to play more of remedy's games, and see how all their games fit together in one world (kind of, sort of, maybe? i'm not sure of the specifics but i'm sure i'll find out more as i go through their catalog)

feel free to talk about your remedy video game experiences/thoughts here, i'd love to hear more people's thoughts
plus that alan wake 2 came out pretty recently and it sounds like it's pretty rad

I played Alan Wake Remastered last year and was so shocked to find how much I loved it!! It is such an Xbox 360 game in a way that just suits their style so well. Really really fun and cool game.

My first one was Control which I definitely liked and found clever but gotta say AW did it for me more. I’m so excited to play 2 when I get the chance.

I want to play the rest of their games a lot, Quantum Break for sure even though it’s the one everyone bags on. The Max Payne games are super messed up on Windows 11 so I gotta find out how to fix them but I’m sure there’s a way.



The Max Payne games are super messed up on Windows 11 so I gotta find out how to fix them but I’m sure there’s a way.

yeah when i first booted it up on steam, there were sound issues
but with a quick search, it was a painless fix
just replacing a few files
its been pretty smooth sailing other than that, and one early part of the game where theres a weird trigger box for an in game cutscene
im on windows 10 though
im never gonna upgrade to 11....

I just finished Alan Wake Remastered on the PS5 yesterday. I played this game when I was about 15 (lol), and playing it again 13 years later, with a more mature appreciation for narrative and gameplay was definitely a trip. I also caught all of the Twin Peaks references (which is one of my favorite shows). I am super excited to play AW2, which I've heard improves on the first gameplay wise.

I personally found the combat in the game to be quite good, I wish I could play it in Nightmare mode from the get go. After finding all the chests I was pretty well-stocked in flashbangs and such. Flashbangs were basically a "skip encounter" button, with how overpowered they were. Nevertheless, I love love love the use of the flashlight in that game. Using it as a pseudo crosshair is genius and it felt really good to look around for stuff in the dark.

After 13 years of not playing AW, I played Control and its AWE expansions and frankly did not get many of the references. Now after playing AW Remastered I want to go back and complete the DLC. I didn't even understand that >!you were hunting Hartman the art therapist the whole time!< that's sick!!!

Anybody played Quantum Break? I don't see too many people talking about it.

I like Max Payne 2 a lot. Personally not a fan of the Alan Wakes because of the combat, which to me is too schematic and kind of a chore. Was encouraged by reading some people were mad at long stretches of just walking around and talking in Alan Wake II, but in watching a playthrough of the game it seems that unfortunately those “complaints” were overblown. There really isn’t much downtime and it’s another theme-park ride thing. Still remember how much I enjoyed taking the ferry and hanging out in the diner in the original AW, but then the game just did rule-based combat chores the rest of the way. Talented studio no doubt so I think it’s frustrating that they default in this direction most of the time


im excited to get to alan wake just to see what its like

i finished max payne just now!!

very good video game, loved it

am excited to play 2 (and maybe 3)

@“Emily”#p138873 I really like 3, but that one was made by Rockstar.

I have good memories of hanging out with Alan Wake, and so-so memories of when it turned to combat. My memory of the game is overall positive, however. I have not revisited since its first release on the 360, so I have no idea if I would still think the same if I played it today. I'm interested in the sequel, but am in no rush to get and play it – I have more than enough to keep me busy for now.

I thought _Control_ was excellent. I really need to go back and play the DLC that I have thanks to some cheap bundle sale at some point.


@“Emily”#p138873 am excited to play 2

you should be it's excellent, look forward to a grand old time

My first Remedy game was Alan Wake on the 360, which i played about 11 years ago and was absolutely enthralled by. I was able to figure out when exactly I played to to a high degree of accuracy because I was apparently so taken by it that I posted moody instagram photos each time i finished a chapter lol–e.g., here's one from May 9, 2012:


I was a relatively recent Twin Peaks *freak* at the time, so I ate up all the extremely on-the-nose references and the unique PNW setting. I was also a big fan of the combat mechanics (especially the flashlight), to the point where I was a bit taken aback at how many people cited it as their main complaint with the game. There were some great set pieces (||the concert is an obvious standout!||) and I loved the nonsense story. The last lines of the cliffhanger-ish ending have been stuck in my brain ever since I finished it...seemingly profound but completely incomprehensible with any scrutiny at all. I was actually content to leave it at that, but now that A.Wake II exists I'm curious where they go with this...doing my best to dodge spoilers in the mean time.

Just beat Alan Wake Remastered last week and downloaded Control last night. Alan Wake might be one of the most xbox 360 games ever developed; it just is overflowing with 2010 energy. The 3rd person shooting, the random driving segments, the fact that Alice is needlessly in her underwear for most of the game.

Interestingly enough, I played the first 20 minutes or so of Control last night and it has a lot of the same vibes. It's a video game that's not trying to hide the fact that it's a video game. Looking forward to playing more

I finished AW Remastered recently too (seems to be a trend?!) but was kind of underwhelmed.

For a game about a writer that can reshape reality the writing felt a bit too straightforward, and combat seemed like a decent idea wasn't properly developed and kind of one-note (this turned me off from the 360 original ages ago). DLC episodes (semi-hidden in a menu?) tried harder enemy setups, mostly with agravating results. It did have good atmosphere and some nice setpieces.

Liked Control a lot though, so expecting good things of AW2.

i can‘t run Alan Wake II on my PC, which is the first game thats really pushed me over the limit on console generation hardware. this PC is almost 6 years old at this point! what a run it’s been. now i have to decide if i want to play Alan Wake II that bad and I think the answer is I do


@“bnn”#p142081 was kind of underwhelmed.

Honestly, I was too. I've always got the impression that *Alan Wake* was one of the pinnacles of the 7th gen; one of the best written games of the 2010's with the gameplay that compliments the writing. What I ended up playing was a silly little romp that had some decent shooting and a few fun segments.

It's a game that I'm glad I played, but wouldn't recommend actually playing. *Alan Wake II* has been catching my interest, so I thought that I needed to play the first game to have any idea what's going on. Reading a wikipedia page would probably of sufficed.

Played more *Control* last night and now I'm starting to understand why people were so excited for AW2. This game is outstanding. After finishing the first one, I wasn't even considering purchasing AW2, but now after only a couple hours with *Control*, AW2 might be required reading

The recent word of mouth Remedy hype has slowly started to make me feel like I should play these games, and I think my breaking point was recently hearing the absolutely amazing Night Springs theme song and that 100% sold me I need to play Alan Wake now.

I first saw Max Payne being played on computer when it first launched by a guy selling bootlegs games. The John Woo style slo mo diving and James McCaffrey's dry noir tone captured my attention immediately.

Not having a good computer or the cash to get one. I picked the game up eventually on PS2. I was so disappointed by that port that I traded the system and the games I had at the time (there was hidden Dreamcast angst in this decision, too) for an Xbox and Max Payne. I loved every second of it. I immediately played Max Payne 2 on the Xbox and enjoyed that one as well.

I followed and waited patiently for Alan Wake Xbox 360 and played it with a friend and had a blast. It took several years to fully commit to American Nightmare but I also enjoyed the heck out of that one.

I had to start Quantum Break twice before it got its hooks into me but I really enjoyed the powers in that one. I have the Alan Wake remaster and Control in my backlog at the moment.

Everything I've seen of Alan Wake 2 has me excited except the lack of a physical copy which is delaying my purchase of it. That said, Remedy is one of those few developers where I pretty much love everything they put out.

@“tomjonjon”#p144897 Very sad to hear of his passing. Starting with Max Payne 1, I‘ve always enjoyed his distinct voice in all of the Remedy products. His dry voice really worked well for the noir style they were going for, even if there was a bit of a disconnect between Sam Lake’s appearance and McCaffreys voice.

Hearing James as Alex Casey in Alan Wake 2 somehow brought me back to those innocent years when Max Payne 1 came out. Might need to replay it during the holidays.

hmmm... Zane a bonsai enthusiast?