Then he said: - “it’s useless. I have to escape this world.”

taking all this down because I‘m going to see if I can shop it around and don’t want to copyright-infringe if that‘s even possible in this case (don’t think so since it's public domain)

But check out the Caistor or Lindstrom translations of Los siete locos, and make due with the well-intentioned but bad recent translation of Los Lanzallamas. Or recommend a publisher who could possibly buy the one I'm working on and wait for that

admin you can delete the thread since it's just context-free nonsequiters lol

@“yeso”#p45953 I love that you‘re doing this! Can’t wait to follow along.

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Just coming in here to say that Fernanda Melchor can be quite difficult to translate sometimes, so props to yeso for translating this story, it's really good! (both the short story and his transalation of the first fragment!)

This is really wonderful.

Thank you for the wiki and maps reference links, btw!

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@“Ankh-ef-en-yeso”#p46074 I am 100% useless at any sort of image editing, so this is the best I could do.

looks good

@“Ankh-ef-en-yeso”#p46074 i did it. it is done.

Pretty sure I didn't said or did any of that. You gotta check your sources man @yeso

@“Syzygy”#p46259 excellent

Hey man this has been really great but I think you forgot a sentence at the beginning

"Felix, qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas"

@“Gaagaagiins”#p46336 it‘s there but I added an image so maybe it’s not in the place it used to be

Damnit I thought I was doing one of my classic japes

I'm not smart enough for latin jokes

Guess that‘s why it’s not “@yeso, qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas”

These are great, and the links to external media are an especially nice touch.

I was curious if the descriptions were accurate so I followed the directions on google streetview and saw the house peeking through the trees from the bridge. It's cool how real and tangible the setting is

I could read this in Spanish directly but I‘m enjoying your take on it @“Ankh-ef-en-yeso”#p46487 so I’ll keep checking on the updates.