Things to see in Japan?

Okay, so I‘m going to Japan in about two weeks. During that time, I’ll be visiting Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Tokyo.

I know this is like a _super_ general question but... what should I check out? I have some planned stuff with my friends like the Gundam in Yokohama, some shops, Super Nintendo World, etc. but I'll have plenty of time to myself and while I enjoy just ... exploring, I love recommendations as well.

I guess some specific stuff that might interest me:

  • - Interesting museums worth visiting (I'm going to the manga museum in Kyoto, for example)?
  • - What game stores would folks recommend if I'm looking to grab some titles while there (I think some of the Gaiden podcast episodes have namedropped some stores, so I'll be giving those a re-listen, but curious to hear folks' preferences)?
  • - Any good venues for catching a show at? Love going to local shows when I travel.
  • - Record stores as well!
  • - Hiking recommendations in the areas I mentioned are always welcome
  • - Cafes in Tokyo or Osaka that are good for working from (I'll be working remotely a couple days while abroad)
  • Would love to hear folks' recs!!

    not thread policing by any means, but we do have an active thread that might have some cool stuff to check out:

    i'll be going there myself in about a month--be sure to check out [big love records]( in harajuku (also a good place to see what shows might be happening). i'll also be going to the [mishima museum]( 😈