Things you learned about from games

In my sheltered in Ohio life, games were one of the main sources of learning about art, music, people, and other points of view. Without games I might have never known about:

Rodney Mullen and flatland skateboarding

War sucks and don't let anyone tell you otherwise (and stealth is a good tactic)

Non-Christian gods and spirits are cool

Metal is awesome

and it's OK to do something for fun and be non-productive

I feel like I know way more about weaponry than I should. Nobody needs to know what a bardiche is.

It’s a cliche, but I’ve learned a ton about Japanese culture from games, and I’ve gotten pointed toward lots of interesting things to see and do in Japan as a result of games in general.

I learned about hamburgers, pictured here

this is a joke for old people and diligent podcast listeners

a couple years ago I sat behind the pilot of a Cessna 206 float plane with a g1000 nav system (or something very similar) and I mentally went through the preflight checklist -> flight -> landing while he did it irl and found I had internalized the process quite well. So I’m pretty sure I could start, fly, and possibly land a piston engine Cessna thanks to Microsoft flight simulator. It doesn’t seem that hard tbh

also Shenmue more or less taught me how to drive a forklift or at least significantly lowered the learning curve when I operated one irl. I think someone else on the forum had the same experience

Edit: not trying to brag or anything. It's not good that I learned to operate aircraft and forklifts from video games

Yakuza 0 taught me the rules of both 8-ball and 9-ball and I was then able to teach other people in my family IRL. Next Yakuza game I play I want to actually do what I‘ve said I’ll do forever and finally learn to play mahjong.

i can occasionally win rounds of mahjong now from playing like 10 yakuza games and spinoffs

@“exodus”#p121233 I was told these are donuts

Mahjong rules

i‘ve come to really like it, the strategy is wispy-subtle and i’m seeing it more and more. i should also probably like print out a list of all the winning hands cuz i'm not gonna keep all that in my head anytime soon

even ancient terra cotta was かわいい

I know what the racing line is and I think that I could be a 7x formula one world champion

I suddenly learned some things about Chinese history and pronunciation from Dynasty Warriors 5. Obviously all taken with a pinch of salt due to the context but I sure did hear about a lot of things I'd previously never heard of.

@“Chopemon”#p121321 That reminds me that I know waaaaaaay more about the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history as a result of the Dynasty Warriors series in general, to the point where I catch references to it in other media.

@“Chopemon”#p121321 I took a mandarin class in college a long time ago, right before the release of Dynasty Warriors 3 and the way everyone pronounced Cao Cao drove me crazy. It‘s still 50/50 if they’ll pronounce it right in a three kingdoms game.

@“Chopemon”#p121321 Yeah me too. Same deal with Sengoku Basara / Samurai Warriors games and all of the games with Nobunaga Oda. Granted there been a general media push to romanticize the Sengoku era but those games taught me some names and battles.

@"topeconhilo"#p121319 lol - on a more practical note I'd say that driving cars in games post Gran Turismo helped me understand how cars work. Horse power, braking distance, torque, wheels, general physics of driving, backing up, etc. Getting behind a real wheel felt pretty natural when I got my license.

I will also say that playing Rock Band/Guiar Hero didn't teach how to play an instrument but it was a good demonstration on song composition. Just focusing on one instrument at a time and the note patterns and in relation to the other instruments taught me stuff and things to listen for. (I guess it also did inspire me to just buy a real dang guitar too...)

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater taught me what a foundry is, that Lombard Street in San Francisco is the crookedest street in the world, and that the government is hiding a ufo in Roswell, New Mexico.

I learned most of what I know about the rules of some sports through videogames. Super Monkey Ball explained a lot about pool and it's variations. Shout out to Mario Golf too.