Things you learned about from games

When I was young I didn’t know anything about WW2 era aircraft before playing Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain. (Other than that B-17 Bombers existed, thanks Intellivision)

A weird one that sticks out in my head is that in one of the Pokemon games (don't remember which, probably GBA) there were some NPCs who were scientists or engineers or something and they explained buoyancy. I was pretty young and I remember that being where I learned about it, specifically. For some reason.

Oh and then more recently I was playing this Gamate game called One Million Whys that's sorta like a Chinese edutainment adventure game. Lot of questions about agriculture in there. I memorized a bunch of that through trial and error mostly.

MGS Peace Walker got me to read multiple books about the Zapatistas in Chiapas. So like… Somos Todos Vic Boss.

Subcomandante Hídeo

One time my sister was confused how I knew all about sumerian king Gilgamesh they were teaching in art history classes. Thanks FF5.


I was at one point half-ass-edly self-studying japanese (I should get back on that, I‘m zero-assing it now) and every new installment of a Yakuza game i pick up new vocab that isn’t of much use. eg yakuza 0 got me the japanese word for “real estate” — 不動産 — permanently etched into my neurons now. that one has actually come up like…once since I played that game 4 or so years ago, so that‘s not nothing I guess. the word for “yakuza” that isn’t “yakuza,” 極道, I also got forever, but that's also not probably gonna be useful in normal convo lol