This Just In: Brand New Bandcamp Music

My favorite way of discovering new music has been to just dip into the stream of whatever was just published on Bandcamp. No filters, just dunking my head into the infinite stream of new stuff

I’ll listen to a bit here and there of whatever track they list as the preview one, and then listen to the whole album if that intrigues me. I’ve found some cool stuff this way! Here’s a cool, slower electronica piece that got published like 10 minutes ago

Post all your Hot Off The Presses Bandcamp tunes here, if you dare…!


this person’s going to look at their bandcamp statistics and see most traffic is coming from a weird video game forum. i love that

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Sometimes when I see that I’ve bought an album and very few others have, I browse the collections of the others who have bought the album and often find very good music that aligns with my taste.

A few of my most recent discoveries (not necessarily from using the above method):

A witch house thing (I listen to a ton of witch house music):

Some nice 1980s-style music that @daphaknee told me about:

Atmospheric (but not boring) psychedelic music:


I’m a big fan of “psydub chill” and the like. Hadn’t come across this artist before, but checking out their catalogue now. Cheers!

I stumbled upon the extremely prolific vaporwave musician Hjördis-Britt Åström not too long ago and have been obsessed ever since.

These songs feel like they’re fabricating nostalgic memories and I can’t get enough of them.

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Hot off the presses:

A chill, psychedelic jam over a simple vamp with some cool vocal effects:

A piano piece that flies way, way over my head. Is there structure here? Maybe! It’s like 20 minutes long and this composer has his own Wikipedia page, so surely there’s something happening here

This warm, pleasant ambient EP

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