Those Nintendo Gigaleaks

Now that there's been a bit of time, has anyone been playing or just messing around with any of the games leaked?

I've been really into Pokemon Picross for Game Boy Color. It's a pretty big picross game. More puzzles than the Pokemon Picross that came out for 3DS.

I might try Legend of the Sea King next.

I have not touched a dang thing! But this sure is a case for emulators. 3DS was the best platform for picross, it's a real sadness that the system is gone.

@exodus#6561 yeah. The stylus was just perfect for those games. I‘ve tried a few picross games for Android but they just aren’t as nice feeling. The Konami one is pretty fun

Like I mentioned in another thread, I've also been messing with the Hello Kitty Game Boy Camera rom on my phone.


@hellomrkearns#6533 Pokemon Picross for Game Boy Color


Super Donkey is interesting. It's an unreleased platformer that looks an awful lot like Yoshi's Island artistically, shares some mechanics and technical elements, but is otherwise a completely different game.

I need to give that unreleased english localisation of _Gargoyle's Quest 2_ for Game Boy a try too.

I'm also glad we got to meet this guy:


The whole situation reminds me of the massive [Radiohead leak from last year]( that dumped 16 hours of unreleased work-in-progress versions of _OK Computer_-era songs, some of which were totally different from the final versions or in some cases were totally unknown and new. I spent days listening to that whole thing, had a great time, but haven't really gone back to it since.

Been playin X aka Lunar Chase. Super comfy on hardware. I‘d been waiting for the translation since I first played the jp version in 09. Funny how the fan translation happened like a day before the original localization was leaked. @hellomrkearns I did not realize emulators on phones had camera support. That’s my teen dream come true. I‘ll start a pocket camera photo thread if there isn’t one already.

I think the Zelda II Super Famicom sprites were the most exciting / missed opportunity IMHO. I would luurrrrve to play that.

did over 50 puzzles in pokecross. I don‘t like that the pixel image isn’t what you‘re uncovering 1:1 like in the other picross games. But I’m also not an ultra picross-head like some people.

there is a patch for ocarina of time that recreates some prototype scenes with the assets from the leak. Had a lot of fun playing on hardware with my everdrive. Practice for the day the Mother 3 DD assets are made publicly available.

Skinny Yoshi is my sexuality.

It crazy to remember that these happened this year. Still… is it to much to ask for a Dragon Hopper rom? It only took me 25 years to get Bound High on the VB. I think this is the one last game on my dreamed about but never played list.


I‘ve been playing through a romhack that recreates the Pokemon Gold/Silver that would’ve been if they‘d continued with the Nihon region thing. It’s pretty fun, uses a lot of the leaked beta pokemon. They really threw out a lot of good designs imo.