Thread where you just post yr all-time favorite shit


Oh man, Polysics AND the Flaming Lips?? My friend let me borrow a Polysics CD a loooong time ago and it just infected me. I never did return it and now I'm gonna go dig it out of my collection for some fresh listening. And Flaming Lips were my absolute favorite band like ten years ago. They kinda got a little too weird for me, but it was fun while it lasted.

Anyway, here's a bunch of King Gizz.

And some other stuff.

The album cut of this song is incredible, but this live performance is a revelation. A lot of rappers aren't great live performers, but De La and DOOM are experts of vocal and breath control. Magnificent.

I love this guy. Kenji Ozawa. He was part of a duo called Flipper's Guitar with Cornelius, who I think is more famous now? By listening to their solo work you can really see that the two have pretty distinct musical styles that synergize in an interesting way across Flipper's Guitar's three albums, which is pretty neat!

This is Flipper's Guitar's weirdest album.

@milo#16096 I think King Gizzard are my favorite modern band. It's either them or IDLES.

@whatsarobot#16105 maaaan, R.I.P. to my favorite Rapper, MF DOOM. Crazy how he put out 3 absolutely stunning albums in the same year, his influence is undeniable too. With two of my favorite current rappers being heavily influenced by him, Tyler, the Creator, and Earl Sweatshirt

the Insert Credit podcast and forums are my all time favorite shit!!


Duuuude me too. I've seen them in concert every year since I discovered them... Except for last year. I bought tickets for their 3 hour marathon show in Berkeley but the world had other plans... Hoping that can happen this year.

@milo#16096 Yeah, I can‘t defend the recent ’ropey drug jams‘ phase. They’ve mostly come out the other side of that now though. New album is good!


Good to hear! I've been wanting to check it out so I think I'll finally do it.

Sorry not sorry

One music theme I always come back to is this:

As for games and books, I'd say the game is Koudelka by far, as for books I'd say that Stoker is a brilliant book, although I am getting more and more interested in experimental writing (something that was spurred in me when I read House of Leaves by Danielewski).

As I said in another comment, the Flaming Lips are probably my favorite band ever, and their album Embryonic is very divisive among fans, I think it's just incredible. Check out this opener.

Drive Like Jehu are criminally unknown. They're kind of the bridge, or one of the, from Post-hardcore to Emo. This is my favorite of Yank Crime

The Unicorns! Twee-rock gods! This is genuinely in contention for my favorite album ever, I can't pick a particular song, so he's the whole ass album

@3SuspiciousTurtles#16189 Embryonic was the first alarm bell for me. About half of the album is top-tier, and the other half is just… nothing. At least for my taste. Overall I still like it though, and class it as the last great Flaming Lips album, a transition into the ‘wilderness years’ that would follow.

Until the latest one restored faith I had built myself a convincing headcannon that they broke up after that album and everything that followed was a bullshit side project. My band once had a song called 'The Flaming Lips Are Back On The Drugs (Uh Oh)'.

@billy#16197 I think I‘m a bit biased, I can find some enjoyment in just about everything they’ve done, except for that terrible Dark Side cover album.

I completely get you though.

Lastly, that's a fantastic name for a song.

@xhekros#16170 take a look at rayuela if you haven’t read it

@3SuspiciousTurtles#16201 Don‘t get me wrong, I bought it all! There’s still enjoyment to be had like you say, just far less than in basically any other Lips era. Sometimes a bullshit side project is ok.

@yeso#16202 Read it long ago and I don‘t like it pretty much. I prefer Cortázar’s short stories (as also Borges' short stories, too).


Embryonic might be my favorite Lips album after Soft Bulletin just because of how explosively experimental it is. Its really like they were wading into this weird world of drugged out rhytmic sounds while still hanging onto their psych-folk roots. Everything after embryonic was just "whoooooooa cooool noises broooooo".

Funny thing about that album... My friend got it for me as a birthday gift and said I might be into it. I had never heard of them before and I listened to it once and was like... Meh.

A month later, I was drunk and stoned and ready for bed and dug that CD out again and said what the hell and put it on with headphones... And I just laid on my floor and listened to it all the way through and just fell in love. It just clicked and I woke up the next day and ordered their whole discography on amazon.

As much as I don't like their super experimental phase of the 2010s, I do enjoy The Terror, though. It's haunting and beautiful in a weird and wonderful way and it's nice to drone out to it every once in a while.

@MichaelDMcGrath#16004 Dang. Extremely varied picks, all really sick!