Thunderbolts and Lightning



Show me some good thunder and lightning in video games, whether in a gameplay-influencing capacity or not.

I've decided spontaneously on three categories:

**Category A:** player characters and NPCs have the power to summon thunderbolts, to wield against each other or the environment.

**Category B:** lightning as it exists irl affects the game world, outside of unavoidable scripted events. "As it exists irl" may be stretched fantastically.

**Category C:** thunder and lightning in either scripted events such as cutscenes or the play world *or* backgrounds, in and out of gameplay, more or less as set dressing.

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A great level in Sky Odyssey takes place in a big thunderstorm

Man I should play Sky Odyssey again


@“sabertoothalex”#p111094 T-bolt turning Tidus to Tidust

@Tradegood have you gotten to the Thunder Plains yet??

I always liked the second stage of Area 88 (arcade, see at about 2:00)! It’s one of those stages I know so well that I can practically visualize the entirety of it in my head! It’s got some nice intermittent and harmless lighting!

Generally I‘m a much bigger fan of the locations and level design in the first game, but Left 4 Dead 2’s Hard Rain is such a well executed concept.

As the intensity of the storm builds throughout the stage, your hearing, visibility and movement (from flooding) become hindered — such a natural solution for ratcheting up the intensity to the climax. Also, the relief of entering a building and getting shelter from the elements is perfect — creates a nice ebb and flow of stress as you go from building to building.

Ooo, also — There‘s this yellow version of Sonic that’s exclusive to Super Smash Bros. He only has one move where he calls down a thunder bolt. He's pretty good.


Pretty obvious one, but here's Pikachu doing some lightning.


@“connrrr”#p111097 @Tradegood have you gotten to the Thunder Plains yet??

Not yet! I'm a long way out!

I hope everyone in this thread brought their Franklin Badge!




@“safety_lite”#p111110 Yellow sonic, or as he's called in the manual, “yonic”

Does this count?

In RPGs, when I have a choice between which basic spells to get first, I always choose lightning even though fire is almost always more useful early on. It just looks the coolest, when there‘s graphics for it, and even when there’s not it‘s more fun to imagine lighting shooting from the spellcaster’s hands.

The Sims wiki page for lightning has this terrifying image


I'm never getting in a hot tub during a thunderstorm again.


For most Sims, getting hit by lightning is a fear, but for Knowledge Sims, it is often a want.

Is anyone like this IRL?

@“Tradegood”#p111194 I‘ll allow it since there are no more video game characters named things like Lightning or Bolt—we’ve covered them all. Great job, gang!! ~_^

Also @"Tradegood"#p111199 no really is that someone writing their kink into the game?

@“connrrr”#p111201 the sapiosexual urge to get electrocuted

@“Tradegood”#p111202 I'm still laughing at this

@“connrrr”#p111213 me too lol.

I got to the Gandof Thunder Plains. I forgot how unfair this is!