Times your friends have revealed what they _actually_ think of you

the worse it made you feel the better

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[“Times your friends have revealed what they actually think of yoy”,“Times your friends have revealed what they actually think of you”]

Last year I showed my girlfriend Rick Astley‘s “Never Gonna Give You Up” for the first time. She had never seen or heard of it in her life. She enjoyed it immensely, and would put it on the TV from time to time. A few months later we were watching and she said, "Do you know why I like this so much? It’s because he reminds me of you. I can really imagine you up there, doing all that."

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@wickedcestus#22781 this is a compliment

This comment didn't come from a friend, but a while back a cab driver insisted he recognized me as an NHL player and would not believe otherwise. Very troubling!

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There‘s this great blue heron that hangs around our neighborhood and my wife said that if I was a bird I’d be that one. I kinda cocked my head and asked why and she said, “cause that bird is a freakin wizard” and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

My step sister watched spider man 3 and immediately said I was emo Peter Parker

It's not the worst comparison I've ever gotten, but it is the third worst.

inspiring that you could overcome this trial

@wickedcestus#22781 i keep coming back to read this. it's the perfect short story. you should get it published

it's the opening paragraph of an haruki murakami story that really “goes places”


Do you find this to be a complimentary comparison? I would, I think Hank Azaria is a hottie.

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A work colleague once turned to me and spontaneously said something along the lines of “You know for a nerd you hide it quite well” and I'm still not entirely sure how to take that one.

Not a friend but one time in art school a guy asked to look at my sketchbook and he said “wow, you‘re really good! But like, not so good that it’s intimidating”

@“GigaSlime”#p49378 Ugh, that sucks. I had something similar when I made an assessment and a friend told me “Wow, that's the first intelligent thing you said in a while”.

Yeah, friends are usually spaces that were terrible to be in in my 20s.