tiny details

use this thread for small observations

I'm playing around with gauntlet iv on the mega drive (which rules, and was developed by m2) and just noticed that when you pause it the music stops but whichever instruments were active keep droning and slowly fade out.

My absolute favorite thing playing Resident Evil 5 recently was how there‘s unique dialogue depending on what items you swap with your partner and unique animations for different healing items, so like if you’re out of the good herbs in battle and your partner has an egg, Chris goes “I NEED AN EGG,” Sheva says “HERE YOU GO,” and then Chris cracks the egg on his hip and slurps it up

Clocks in the cars of Gran Turismo Sport are synced to system time.

@marlfuchs2#3209 that's great, I wonder if the odometers keep track of distance the cars are travelling.

on the title screen of gunstar heroes if you hold the down button you can reverse the rotation of the logo brick. I really like there being a secret bit of interaction hiding on the title screen, if I made video games I'd definitely try to sneak micro games into them.

@devilsblush#3222 oh they totally do that too! You can also use the touch pad to toggle turn signals and hazard lights.

@marlfuchs2#3224 :grinning:

@GigaSlime#3204 when I played this co-op we pretty much exclusively gave each other eggs so they'd say that

In Dungeon Explorer, there's a secret code to walk through walls. This has a side effect of letting you talk to the final boss before you're supposed to. Basically (spoilers!!) the king that initially gives you your quest is also the big baddy, and you can't get back into the throne room til you've done a bunch of other stuff. but if you walk through walls, you can, but they put in a unique scenario for if you get there too soon somehow or other, and he (I believe) just kills you after saying something like "heh heh you weren't supposed to find out yet."

Finding this as a kid was pretty mind blowing. I'll try to play it again soon and confirm this 25 year old memory!

I misremembered some of it, and it's a grosser ending than I remembered, and I don't like the actual ending, but here we are:

I guess the fact they put in a scenario for this is the detail I like... even if I don't like the scenario. hmm.

I watch GameHut videos a lot and my favorite detail about their Mickey Mouse game is they have special region locking code that detects when you've flipped the dip switches and displays a secret message https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgjQzD8NI48

Mario & Rabbids was full of fun little things to notice, I had to go back to my twitter archive to find this one: