TLJ But Actually Just Talk About The Sith Lords

@“Polaco Yunque”#p43629 I'm not gonna make a whole big thing out of this but The Last Jedi was very good, imo.

@“goonbag”#p43741 the name + avi isn't helping your credibility

I‘ll throw myself on the centrist hand grenade here and say even though I didn’t like The Last Jedi, just reading the plot synopsis for Return of the Skywalker or whatever it is made me just laugh my ass off, so it makes TLJ look like a competent movie in comparison

JUST for posterity‘s sake the reasons I did not like The Last Jedi were not colicky loser baby reasons like how there’s Woman

it was by far the most competent of the new three but I still don‘t understand why laura dern just didn’t tell the guy the plan, so I have a crabby attitude. But she was a heck of an actor as always. Really enjoyed her part in certain women

TLJ to me always felt like it had a good core idea to explore w/ the Jedi but then it had to be a disney movie too and all of that stuff suuuuuuuuucked

If you like TLJ or are flirting with the idea of watching the sequel trilogy just play KOTOR2 and never look back I guess

oh no goonbag look what we hath wroth….

Finally a KOTOR2 thread

I agree that kotor 2 is exceptional and the best star wars thing I can remember + that watercolor heavy comic from the 90s. That's lodged in my brain as major imagination fuel

kotor 1 and 2 are both cool atmospheric, downbeat games that benefit from the huge pile of star wars stuff they draft behind. That star trek final unity point and click game noone remembers or cares about was good too for similar reasons

@“Polaco Yunque”#p43768 yeah the Tales of the Jedi and KOTOR comics are sick, I read them last year. There’s cool SW stuff out there but it is just vastly outnumbered by the doodoo


@“[deleted]”#p43741 I’m not gonna make a whole big thing out of this


Since this thread happened, here‘s the thing: TLJ is the only post-OT mainline Star Wars film that has a reason to exist, because it actually tries to avoid being a retread of the past, to open up some new possibilities for the series, and I think it succeeded (only to be completely undermined by ROS). It has plenty of flaws, the biggest of which imo is the relegation of Finn and Rose to the shitty casino side story. But I would argue every Star Wars film is flawed, and a lot of the flaws of TLJ exist in other entries, and it’s entirely subjective how serious they are (especially if we get into things like plot holes). Ultimately…. I just really enjoyed it. :person_shrugging:


@“Polaco Yunque”#p43757 it was by far the most competent of the new three but I still don’t understand why laura dern just didn’t tell the guy the plan, so I have a crabby attitude.

The profoundly contrived nature of the central conflict is exactly what turned me off of the whole viewing experience. At the very least it certainly was not a setup I felt could sustain an entire 2ish hour film. Like, could they not think of a better way to build tension than "our hyper compositron fluxibuster being pseudosublimated means we can't activate the Plot-Core"


@“goonbag”#p43781 It has plenty of flaws, the biggest of which imo is the relegation of Finn and Rose to the shitty casino side story.

This is the main stuff that I actually liked!!! Fun stuff with flashing lights and bright colours. That and the part where Luke Skywalker jangles a set of keys in front of the for 5 minutes, so, maybe I'm the wrong person to ask.

Ultimately my gripes with the film centre on it being not as good as I wanted it to be. I gotta wonder what the film could have been if the Disney overlords had put more faith into Rian Johnson, I mean, wasn't there a good deal of executive meddling? Or was that more a problem with ROS?

If I remember correctly Carrie Fisher's untimely passing had an effect as well. I don't know how much of a factor it was, but I do know her appearance in ROS was from unused footage from TLJ, and because her passing was during post-production it was in time for them to reconfigure the story... you gotta wonder if that footage in ROS was unused because it was already on the cutting room floor or if it was unused because they saved it for ROS.

I‘ve thought about The Last Jedi quite a lot since it came out and I’m now fairly certain it‘s the best Star Wars movie. It has some plot contrivances but I can completely forgive them in the face of how well it handles all the characters’ arcs and how those arcs tie into the themes of the movie, which are a lot meatier than any other film in the franchise.

It looks at the monomyth from which Star Wars borrows its framework and interrogates its utility in the real world. It presents a world that doesn't behave like Star Wars, where justice doesn't prevail simply because it's just, and over the course of the story our heroes are just mercilessly beaten down until most of the resistance is wiped out and the entire galaxy has given them up as a lost cause. Luke's final sacrifice is to essentially perform a Star Wars movie for the entire galaxy just to plant the seed of rebellion in the hearts of an impressionable new generation that hasn't yet had their spirits crushed by the weight of their circumstances. It's such a beautiful and final encapsulation of the whole series that it doesn't really bother me that much anymore that The Rise of Skywalker turned out to be such a despicable monument to laziness and cowardice.

Also, to address Holdo not telling Poe her plan - I'm pretty sure in a real military, an officer probably would not reveal sensitive information to a soldier who had just been demoted for insubordination, no matter how much he whines about it

The amount someone whines about TLJ is inversely proportional to how much respect I give their intellectual honesty.

I don‘t get an opportunity to get out to the movies very often, and I enjoyed the hell out of The Last Jedi. Yeah, it’s got some to many issues with the scripting and writing. I think most of those issues appear extremely starker in retrospect after the release of Revenge of the Sith*. The way the destroyer arcs that ordinance (through zero-g space) is silly and it completely rules as a visual metaphor. The granite-hard pure zeros digital silence of its destruction is one of my favorite moments in sound design.

Honestly my major complaints about that movie is how the most interesting plot points had terrible follow through in its sequel. I think the movie stands well on its own merits. And yes, I know that is an impossible thing for a _Star Wars_ movie to do.

*Edit: I am leaving my misattribution of the title of the Episode IX of Star Wars because it's funnier and also because it's an indictment of it that I couldn't tell you the name of the movie.


@“Polaco Yunque”#p43750 the name + avi isn’t helping your credibility

I'm glad our avatar thread and one of my contributions to it have enhanced multiple forum-users forum-using experience. 🤣

one of the cool things about kotor II is how empty the worlds are and how much slower the pacing is than the films, especially the recent three. I know they‘re different mediums but it’s a better time for me than just getting sensory overload bazooka‘ed by the disney corporation. The writing in all those new films is just maniacally focused on avoiding any new ideas. IMO the “subversive” beats in TLJ were less than trenchant, not that it was reasonable to expect otherwise given who was making what. So I appreciate that kotor II just went its own way. I mean that’s what people liked about the mandalorian as well right?

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