Today i let my game collection go.

And it feels good.

I'm in a bad financial spot right now.
For the past 10 years i was my dad's caretaker full time. He would provide with his pension and i'd take care of the house, him, our dogs. He passed away at xmas last year and since then i've been trying to get a job at IT, as a junior dev. I do not have a college degree which makes it harder (at least in this country).

Meanwhile, i've been working as an _app driver_. It's ok but it comes with a lot of costs, not that great payment...
Things kinda snowballed from there, a few bad surprises compromised my situation and debt was knocking
at my door. Brazillian interest rates are like, the worst in the world. For me it's a no-no getting loans and stuff. I'm very economical and can live with very little money. I don't pay rent or housing taxes of any kind, only regular bills such as eletricity, water, internet.

I was at my cousin's house this weekend and it struck me: do i really need all my games? ATM i can't even sit down and play them, no time for that. If they sit on boxes, they'll go bad. (even though i keep them very very clean, powercicle every now and then, everything is protected from moisture, dust, sun etc)
Why not sell it?

I contacted a few friends for helping with pricing, decided what i would keep, what had to go...

I decided to keep:

  • - NES, CFW Nintendo Switch, PS4, CFW PS3, CFW 3DS and PC Engine Duo.
  • Switch and PS4 because i do play them, all the rest were gifts from dear friends so i can't sell them.

    I let go:

  • - 3 SNES (+25 games), 2 N64 (+20 games), Japanese PS1 (+3 games), PS2 (+8 Games), Gamecube (+17 games), GBC (+8 games), GBA (+6 games), Wii U (+1 game), Wii (+25 games), two 3DS games, GDEMU Dreamcast (+4 controllers w/ VMU), Mario Kart Live (those camera-car ones, both Mario AND Luigi version), DK Bongos and a Xbox 360.
  • The store that i sold it is owned by a guy that knows my situation so he's buying in a good middle price for both of us. Of course if i'd sell it on my own through the web, i'd get at least 25-30% more but i don't have that time or patience. Besides, his shop will find new homes for my games, hopefuly for people with more time to enjoy that beautiful stuff.

    I figured i can still play whatever i want in the future, just not in it's original form. And that's ok!

    All my debt is gone, i can go to the grocery store without feeling bad, all my bills are up to date, i still have some cash in case of an emergency. There's no way to describe how peaceful i feel.

    Tonight i think i'll sleep soundly as i haven't for the past year.

    Almost doesn‘t need saying since you feel positively about it, but I’m really glad you feel good about this situation in pretty much every way it is possible to feel good.

    I hear you on your frustrations with knowing what you want to do and feeling it's out of your reach. As someone who is also struggling to break into a real career right now, despite really wanting to and feeling ready to, it can be so frustrating to sort of feel like you are waiting and waiting for too many things beyond your control, just to be able to start a new and better chapter of your life in a significant way. That's really one of the awful things about that whole gig economy crap, they're predicated on the idea that there are just so many more people out there who don't have a much better option. If anything a lot of those goddamned apps make it harder for better work to exist since so many of them are taking that big gamble on being able to operate at a loss after starting with huge VC money upfront and starving out more established forms of the same kind of work. But, you know, that's not your fault.

    I hope things will get even better for you in the foreseeable future and that you can break into IT as you want to. Keep looking forward to getting some of those solid paycheques, maybe one day you can reaffirm how good of an idea it was to sell your collection now by treating yourself to a kickass MiSTer setup someday!

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p132731 Heck yeah, thanks!

    I've been reading stuff about fpga and MiSTer does sound like a great idea.

    Also here to say I‘m glad you’re feeling good about it, and I hope things go well with the IT job search. Letting go of things is tough, but sometimes also liberating!


    @“marxseny”#p132705 For the past 10 years i was my dad’s caretaker full time.

    never been a collector of stuff so can't speak to the topic of the thread, but want to say as someone who works in social services, often with neglected older adults, this sort of dedication is not as common as most assume and I hope you give yourself credit for being a solid individual whereas most people lack this sort of strength

    @“yeso”#p132751 My late mother was a social worker! She worked a lot with homeless people and at the end of her life she was a director at a public center for psycho-social attention. We all learned a lot during this.

    My dad already had a bad heart at that time but it kept getting worse as he aged. It was hard on everyone but he wasn't bedridden or anything, but he couldn't carry stuff, walk medium/long distances. Most things i did was go together to places with him, house chores and eventually drive long distances. I also have a big family that lives in the same street so it was easy to get someone to stay with him when i needed.
    This, i credit to our north-eastern brazillian culture of being a very close sharing family.

    When he retired we got even closer so it never felt like a chore, i actually loved being with him!
    The family plan was for me to finish college and have more options after he passed. I made a lot of mistakes in that regard and we just didn't have the time. Not that there's guarantee of anything in life, but it would've helped. Anyway, it is what it is!

    Give yourself some credit: you‘re a caregiver. A caretaker is only for land and property management. I know this because I did in-home-supportive-services also. I’m glad you found someone who can give you a deal you feel good about. I think about selling the games I have, and re-evaluate the things I‘m covetous of on an almost nightly basis. Sometimes it feels like the ending of Schindler’s List, am I going to regret not selling these? It really does weigh one down, and all the important things in life are things that matter more than physical copies of video games and tech.