Touchy Game Art

Xenon 2!

@exodus#9321 haha. I just saw this and came here to post it. :slight_smile:

The Art of Nintendo Power episode of Retronauts had some really interesting discussion about the creation and preservation of the dioramas that were shot for Nintendo Power covers.

Should be on the free feed by now. Episode 331.

@Syzygy#8689 I love the _Sorcerian Forever_ cover. I paint minis for tabletop games and I strive for my stuff to look like that!


Yeah! that was a good episode. I've been following his account for a little while.

the Maniac Mansion cover model is incredible!

Just plop a live chick on the diorama, jerry]

Not sure if this is a direct parody of something, but it looks like VG Dunkey is a fan of this style (or at least has a fan who is a fan).

you herd ‘em

@hellomrkearns#15392 :smiley:

@devilsblush#15414 love the threads you've been doing lately!

@hellomrkearns#15477 thank you! it‘s a therapeutic exercise. sifting through archives of box art and magazine covers then seeing the thread of what I like emerge, it’s like an extremely low-effort creative outlet (which is the only kind I have time for lol).

damn it, just noticed this was already posted by @JoJoestar



Fantasian by Mistwalker

wow I‘ve seen this style before but never really stopped to appreciate it. I didn’t even realize how many times that diorama/stop motion style was used for so many titles. Man that dragon quest commercial is super cool.