Touhou Artifical Dreams in Arcadia and other modern DRPG's

This game came out the other day, being a touhou fan project mixed with the snes smt gameplay. It's super good so far, and I am loving it despite not knowing anything about the story of touhou.

What are other indie games coming out nowadays that either are similar to old smt or just are dungeon crawling rpgs that are worth people's while?

Warning this post won't be super helpful


I played a demo for a game a couple of years ago that was SMT dungeon crawling. I think it was made by one person and I cannot remember their name or the name of the game. Maybe someone else will know it?

The developer is mainly known for glitch art with an anime influence. The game was a first person dungeon crawler. The characters look like they were sprites rendered from 3d. It was very purple, pink, white and black. It was definitely demonic themed and almost definitely had skills related to mystic hacking.

I wish I could remember what it was called because I remember really liking it. It was early but played well and looked great.

Anyway, not helpful but if I can remember what it was called, I think it fits the brief PERFECTLY

EDIT: thank you to @sdate, the game I'm referring to is Labyrinth.os and can be found here:

@“Chopemon”#p134425 there's nothing you can do about not being able to remember something.

But damn that sounds so cool T-T

@“sdate”#p134453 YES, THANK YOU

Good pull!

I'd been dumping info on this game in the Etrian Odyssey thread but this is a more appropriate venue:

QUESTER, a compact retro DRPG with world and character design by Bastard!! mangaka Kazushi Hagiwara, made by a small team of veterans, including the former president of G-MODE and the designer of recent Dark Souls/Elden Ring TRPGs—this was essentially crowdfunded via paid beta access (plus a KS for the EN version), and they just launched a crowdfunding campaign for a sequel, plus Kemco's signed on to bring the original to consoles.:

It's not a modern game but Wizardry: The Five Ordeals, a remaster & first-ever localisation of the final Wizardry Gaiden game, left early access today:

This release not only includes the original game but also remakes of the content from the two previous Wiz Gaiden games as DLC, plus two new scenarios they just added for the 1.0 release (designed by prominent scenario makers from back in the day, both of whom now work as professional scenario writers/game devs), and they also went and converted (but didn't translate) the ~ 200 custom scenarios created for the original mid-00s release so that they'd work with this one.

The big hook for the original version was the very in-depth scenario editor—that's still coming for the remaster but due to some really silly bullshit concerning the byzantine legalities of the Wizardry IP, they've had to carve it out of the game and instead release it as a separate browser app, which is currently in beta.

@“gsk”#p134456 I’m interested in Quester, not sure if I should get it on switch or steam. Do you know if the console version is just the same game with a different title or if there’s more changed?

@“Yim”#p144606 To my knowledge, it‘s the exact same game save for the title, but I haven’t yet tried the console version so I haven‘t A/B’d them.

The PC version's half-price right now, if that helps you make a decision.

Yesterday I played a short, breezy DRPG called Dragon Ruins. It has a single dungeon floor and automatic combat and not much else but it’s a chill time. To the point, all you do in the game is select your party of four, explore, go back to town to level up and upgrade equipment (the latter of which only requires money), shop for medicine or an escape teleporter, and find the dragon at the end. I finished it in three hours and I watched an episode of a TV show in that time.

I’ve also recently devoured both Quester games. I started the first one last year but hit a roadblock before finding out about fake walls a couple of weeks ago and then I ate the whole thing up in a couple of days. Quester Osaka is a direct continuation of the first game with some minor tweaks; water traversal, more distinguishable fake walls, and some new enemies and characters.

Speaking of which, the characters in this game are cool! There’s no dialogue or even any animation - just a still portrait but they’re all unique and full of life. I got really attached to some of them.

The battle system in these games is almost entirely automatic. You input a set of commands for your entire team and then it all plays out at once. There’s also a bunch of resources that you have to manage to use certain attacks that can be replenished as an action in exchange for an exploration resource, or you can equip your party with items that let you take more of a certain resource with you. The best thing is is that all of your resources and your health are replenished fully after every battle, with a minor cost to your exploration resource if a party member falls. It’s a great no-worries game.