Amiibos, skylanders, what else? Anyone have any experiences with these of note? The peak of their popularity was quite a thing in local game shops at the time.

I just had the thought that perhaps the main innovation they offered is that they’re basically the only way to buy preowned DLC. That’s neat at least.

used to be really into disney infinity

and by “really into”, i mean i wanted all those cool figures but i barely played much of the main game

or made much of anything in the creative mode, besides goofing around in the toybox with stuff

i feel like when i played it, i didnt understand the concept that a video game could be more than a video game but also a creation tool

little big planet probably did a better job illustrating that to me

i ended up selling most all of those figures to gamestop for pennies on the dollar
the giant bomb quick look EX vids are a fun time

My toys to life experience was playing with my son who was the right age for this stuff, we did play disney infinty 1,2,3. and Skylanders (Giants, Swap force, Trap Team, and Super Chargers). We had a unique situation we got into these games just after they had been a thing for a year, so I was buying used software and portals. Then finding the actual toys on clearence at many retailers, gamestop and toysrus would be clogged with product and we would get like 3-5 figures for $10. Pretty fun time. Also one year gamestop closed out all the disney stuff and we got huge box sets of starwars and avengers for massive discount. Later Gamestop sold the used toys and again we got them for cheap.

For kids games the original disney infinity was ok about what you'd expect. After that Inifnity 2 on where pretty fun not just kids quality but full on fun stuff. We didn't really do much of the creator modes. The racing expansion for disney infinity 3 was pretty fun maro kart clone too. The starwars infinity stuff was pretty fun. Marvel stuff was a little repetitive.

The skylanders games we played where all really fun platform action games. I thought they where hidden gems that where being ignored due to the T2L style and the kids label. But these have some great art and design in them, and great soundtracks. Also Skylanders Superchargers adding in racing to levels was really cool interation. The superchargers toys could actually be played with as cars too!

Sadly as Lego entry into the T2L genre came my son was aging out of that sort of thing so I can't speak on that.

(**Bonus I think the steam version of disney infinity 3 comes with all the dlc without needing a portal or figurines so thats a great way to check it out.)

I started out as a skeptical parent thinking this T2L stuff was a costly scam but when we got them at extreme discount it was a lot of fun for me and my son.

I‘m a big Smash Bros guy, and as such have so far kept up with the whole Smash Bros line of amiibo. I have, at this point, every playable character (except the Mii Fighters who I haven’t gotten around to yet) thus far released with the intention to eventually create a custom display on my wall for them that looks like this:

I can’t believe I get to talk about this twice in a month.


Oh that reminded me , When Amiibo started I made this shirt design.

Anyone familiar with Webkinz? I have no idea how popular they were but my little sister had some.


Is this any actual fun? Every time I come across a chance to get this I hem and haw and wonder...

I collect Amiibos. Just characters i actually care about though. The most I've actually used them was using the Mario Odyssey amiibos to find all the moons and coins.


When I moved in with my partner I packed up most of my amiibos (until we eventually get a bigger place) but I chose DQXI Hero, Solid Snake, Richter Belmont, Link's Awakening Link, and Shovel Knight to be my like, Ambassadors of Gaming? Then when Tears of the Kingdom came out a bunch of Zelda amiibos got reissued and I bought some, so the purity of the lineup is a little muddied, lol.

One of the earliest (unsuccessful) examples I recall is ZXE-D: LEGEND OF PLASMATLITE from Bandai on the PlayStation.

@“milo”#p137675 The technology gets in the way of an otherwise interesting game.

Also Starlink : Battle for Atlas was one of the last T2L games. This did not require you to buy the physical parts for the space ships and pilots and weapons , you COULD! but also you can just buy the dlc as pure digital.

This was fun light scifi flare, very nice sound and visuals. Difficulty was on the easy side. Also the switch version came with an Arwing and Starfox chapter. I think they did good by giving people the digital option on this main game but it just tanked. Too bad I would have loved this as a kid, and my tween scifi loving son really enjoyed it.

The spaceships control more like low flying tanks over the surface of planets most of the game.

@“Updog”#p137654 oh yeah I was a big webkinz kid! I still have cool gay the cocker spaniel (typo by 6-year-old me, meant to be “Cool Guy”)

@“frog”#p138151 cool gay. amazing.

Though Maybe more amazing are the 10 groundhog day VHS tapes hes sitting on.