Travel thread

that capn jazz album title is imo the strongest argument yet made against the first amendment.


michigan is right there I say we make it Quad State


this is what i imagine yeso does when he’s not posting here

Literally everyone I met there.

That’s fair. It would be higher if I got along better with bigger cities. To be clear: it’s great for a big city, but I don’t know how to qualify it without insulting people from other big cities.

Another hot take: Chicago giardiniera is oily and much spicier, but everyone there thinks it’s the ‘right’ kind, as opposed to the vinegary kind you get literally everywhere else in the US.

he understands the region better than any of the second city types its true

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you should come back in October for the architectural Open House festivities

And of course I can tell you chill things to do so you don’t have to deal with any riff raff this time


It’s funny you mention this because I was confused to what a tri-state area was when I was younger and just assumed it was the 4 corners situation where you have big old desert states with nothing in them so why not clump em together.

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That’s probably not a bad idea. I also unfortunately missed an architectural tour of the Monadnock by a day due to flight delays, so there’s that too.

structuring an architecture + relaxed pace visit around the Open House events would be a good way to approach a trip, especially with the intention to get out of the city center and into the (real) neighborhoods where I can’t imagine you’ll find any of the off-putting social pressure you encountered recently. Weather should still be decent on mid October, though I’m sure someone acclimated to Alberta won’t have a problem

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