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I used to watch this one a lot as a kid. It had your standard segments of playing NES games they wanted advertised at the time. The main attraction of it was playing real life Tetris and a really unsafe/fun looking Mario Bros. level. Check out those awesome piranha plants and DESTRUCTIBLE foam turtles!!!!

I love that these kids all had to dress up as different colored marios! And that real-life mario level looks like it might actually be fun to mess around in?? and then they straight up just go outside for a bit lol.

also wow, the host is smaller than the kids!? I kinda wish she would give the chatter a rest for juuuuuust a second or two.

@exodus#4313 Yeah she does seem to be going a hundred miles an hour. When I was a kid they sent our classroom once to the local popular tv clown show. We were in the audience and they fed us gansitos and joya. My guess is that the intercontrol set had a similar situation, and the host just has to overpower sugar imbued children by non stop talking. She looks like she's in pain in that thumbnail.

I might have shown Brandon this one, but here's one of the earlier IF YOU DIE IN VIDEO GAME YOU DIE IN REAL LIFE examples I remember. It was a Tales from the Crypt style show that swapped directors every so often. Guillermo del Toro did a couple of episodes.

ah, nice!! that actually fits this other thread as well:

@jUAN#4311 wow! That‘s the greatest World Class Track Meet/Stadium Events setup I’ve ever seen.


related. Episode 6 of The Search for Canada‘s Game Shows is all about 90s kids gameshows, including Video & Arcade Top 10.

Best bit is the creator of the theme song not mentioning that it’s just Crash Man's theme from Mega Man 2.

Edit: Not video game related, but that episode also features YTV game show Uh Oh! which is yet another kids show on this short list to include a character in leather and/or bondage gear.

@hellomrkearns#4337 I was not prepared for this amount of industrial-strength nostalgia on a Sunday afternoon. Thank you, I think!

Also, I remember the day when my friend pointed out that the theme song was just Crash Man's music. I was never the same, after learning that fact. I became a little less naive that day.

A few more examples from @exodus 's Twitter thread

[Templo dos Jogos]( (1995–1997) - Portugal

[The VIDEO GAME]( (1984-1985) - USA
Here's one episode taped at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Southern California.

yay! Thank you @ttzop and @LaurelSoup for mentioning Video Power and GamePro! I remember those shows, and they definitely bring me the nostalgia!

The aforementioned Cybernet:

It was bare-bones and less gimmicky than the competition, and featured reviews, previews, cheats (!) and other assorted goodies like reports from trade shows and themed Top 10s. It ran from 1995 until a surprisingly recent 2008 - I watched it fairly regularly for at least the first half of that period.

I'm astounded to discover that the show actually **did** air exclusively in the middle of the night, so it turns out my previously mentioned teenage 3am video recordings were probably the most common way to watch it.

The reviews were less substantial and more just an opportunity to see games you didn't own yet in motion on TV, which was fine, as that's definitely a lot of what I was watching for. It influenced many of my PS1 purchasing decisions, and I vivdly remember watching early Dreamcast footage in near-disbelief.

This thread is doing great! Here's one from Japan: Game Catalogue II. A TV program by video game magazine Famitsu.

also on the Internet Archive

ah, I've seen a bunch of clips from this without realizing what it was! they rather obnoxiously interview devs of various games sometimes - in many cases their interviews are some of the only ones done before those games releases, and I wondered how they got that access. Famitsu explains it!

another from Japan that I‘m surprised hasn’t been mentioned already: Game Centre CX!

Thankfully a ton of these have fansubs.

big old SA thread

And for some reason, Kotaku even had some of them dubbed several years ago as "Retro Game Master".
Pick a game you like and have fun!

Can't believe I forgot about GCCX!


This [subreddit]( is another good place for subbed episodes.

incredible sunday! what a name.

@Syzygy#4678 ahh broke my own rule! I should have just said ‘non g4 shows’.

not a TV show, but this is one of my favorite commercials!!

I love it! yeah Spiderman! Go Spiderman!

@p3ters#4684 ohh yeah. this should be a new thread!

Here's a weird one. Fightbox.

From wikipedia:


Contestants design their fighters and submit them to the BBC. Out of hundreds of submissions, only sixty were chosen to appear on the programme.


As well as battling each other, the fighters would face one of six “Sentients”, warriors who had won previous (unseen) tournaments and achieved this honour. The Sentients were: Banshee, Big George, Kodiak, Nail, Pearl and Vesuvius. Although immortal, they did have certain weaknesses which a fighter could use against them. After winning the first series, competitor warrior Kill Frenzy, created by Usman Arshad, achieved sentience and joined the current six. These seven Sentients featured in the video game mentioned below.


Six Games were played during the show these were: Conquest, Demolition, Duel, Helix, Panic and Revolution. Another game was Showdown, a straight one on one battle to determine the winner of each tournament.

There was even a PS2 game released based on the show.