Twin Peaks Into the Night - PSX Fan Game Demo

A few days ago i stumbled across a trailer of a Twin Peaks PSX-ish fan game demo.

The demo was released on itch io today, you can find all the links on the video description.

After hearing so many IC episodes and "what is the twin peaks of video games" question i imagined this forum would appreciate this.

Twin Peaks is my favourite TV Show of all time, this is like a dream to me!

@“HyggeState”#p128862 nice. I‘ll play as soon as i get home from work.

Can’t wait to find out who killed Laura Palmer

@“marxseny”#p128864 Update: it rules.


@"HyggeState"#p129231 i also loved it!

[I recorded my playthrough!](

I loved the attention to the details and how it plays.
>!I was surprised about how long segments of _Invitation To Love_ segments are, i couldn't watch it all lol !<

@“marxseny”#p129235 I am editing them out of my own video. Haha! Lovely to experience, but not the best to comment over!

I gave it a whirl today also, I am a massive Twin Peaks fan and was excited to see it pop up.

I too loved the Invitation to Love segments. I also thought the lodge stuff was done pretty well. I just wish it was a bit longer and had more exploration.