Two-Player Puzzle Games that can run on a MiSTer

Looking to build a succinct list of puzzle games that my wife and I can play on the MiSTer. Especially curious about games that appear on TurboGrafx-16, NeoGeo, and Sega Consoles.

Thank you in advance!

Ghostlop and Puzzle Bobble on the Neo Geo. But the real direction to go is on the Gameboy 2 player core. It needs a bit of set up, but here is a video on how to do so

Now go play some Tetris

GBA core also is available

Twinkle Star Sprites for NEO-GEO is a pedestrian and yet very fun answer if you don't mind something a bit more action-y.

Please try out _The Lost Vikings_ on Genesis or SNES. They have small differences in graphics and number of levels, but I wouldn't worry about that. I **would** worry about having a controller with 6-button support if you want to play the Genesis version becaue the 3-button version is really rough from a user interface perspective. The SNES version has a better control scheme out-of-the-box due to the shoulder buttons.

Not sure if _Super Puzzle Fighter Turbo 2X_ runs on a MiSTer or not, but that's another good one to look into.

@“antillese”#p50827 It does, the CPS2 core can run it perfectly.

I humbly submit Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon for SNES/SFC. This was a great 2-player puzzle game until my partner’s skill ascended so far above mine that I stopped playing and she proceeded to demolish the single-player campaign in what can only be described as an extended fugue state (all done on the MiSTer I might add!).

You can also check out [this thread]( for some more competitive puzzle game recs!

the other day I was about to make this exact same thread! I was looking for something to play with my brother other than Tetris Attack and Twinkle Star Sprites, I'm currently trying to convince him to try Super Puzzle Fighter or Dr. Mario.

My submission would be Puyo Puyo because there's like 10 different options to play it on the MiSTer. I love puyo puyo but I don't play it very often because I got too good at it and I don't have anyone to play it with without destroying them ((the same happened with multiplayer tetris (and puyo puyo tetris!))

Tetris vs. Dr. Mario for SNES is an interesting option too since it has both games. It's possible that it will exacerbate the skill gap in terms of the end score itself, but the game is structured in a way that the rounds are fixed-length.

I realized with the GBA link up you could get Chu Chu Rocket and Columns Crown going. Crown at least give a nice coat of paint to the generally bland Columns look.

I also have always wanted to try multiplayer Mole Mania, though that might stretch the definition of a puzzler

Money Idol Exchanger!
Magical Drop 3!
Puzzle Bobble!

Those are all Neo Geo.

I don't think vs puzzle games really got good until the mid 90s and those are mostly on arcade/saturn/psx/dreamcast, but those three will work nicely.

If CPS2 works, yeah, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

Now, if there's a Taito F3 core(!?) you've got Cleopatra Fortune, Landmaker (best game of all time), Puchi Carat, etc.

I'm not sure which Puyo Puyos are available, but Puyo Puyo~n and Puyo Puyo Sun are good. Puyo Puyo~n is my favorite but that's Dreamcast, so... maybe not!?

Tetris Battle Gaiden, perhaps?

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@“robinhoodie”#p50826 This really opens up the door for games I haven‘t played 2-player since the 90s. Now I’m even thinking I throw Game Boy Tennis in the mix. Great suggestion.

@“antillese”#p50827 Lost Vikings is good. Have not tried Twinkle Star Sprites and somehow have never tried Puzzle Fighter games. Adding to the list!

@“exodus”#p50854 Unfortunately I don‘t think there’s a Taito core on MiSTer. That would need to be run in MAME - but no reason I couldn't set it up.

Absolutely going to get on that Money Idol Exchanger.

We have Puyo Puyo Tetris for Switch and it's pretty good. I'd be curious to play through all of the Puyos and compare the moment to moment feeling of control.

@“rejj”#p50886 Really like the attack element here. It makes it a more active “battle” with the opponent instead of focusing on frantic line clearing. Looks neat.

Anyone ever play Klax? Any good?