Unconventional control schemes you swear by

Saw in the Sega thread how Virtua Racing has dual stick controls (steer with left, gas and brakes on right) and I‘m trying to think of other unconventional control schemes that are better

My very broad example is how I generally map the main 2 actions onto triggers (or everything on xbox elite controller paddles) so that I can still use the stick if I gotta

Overwatch has some well thought designs, I distinctly remember how Pharah’s control scheme had jump on right mouse button and a trigger on pc and console so you could aim easier while flying (i admit, that partially influenced my trigger obsession, I dont like using my thumb for 4 buttons and a stick!)

I still think about this article that is tangentially related

What controller mappings have you made that you're proud of?

What other games have interesting well thought out mappings in a similar vein?

First, I am delighted that my post about Virtua Racing spawned another thread! For those of you unfamiliar with this control scheme, it provides an analog way to control your gas pedal which is important in Virtua Racing to prevent you from peeling out the tires and skidding on jump starts and in turns. For completeness' sake, you shift gears on the L/R shoulder bumpers.

As for an uncommon and excellent control scheme, my preferred way to play _Doom_ or an FPS on a phone is tilt to steer for aiming, strafe movement on a virtual left-side thumb stick and fire on a virtual right-side button. It enabled you to circle strafe and fire on a device that didn't have more than one input surface.

About 10 years ago, John Carmack ported _Doom_ to iOS in a weekend. As introduction, he said the port was the natural positive consequence of id open-sourcing the engine to begin with. This was a fantastic port of _Doom_ and featured an integrated id Software console (like how you can pull up the console in _Quake_ by hitting the `/~ key) in-game. One of the things that Carmack implemented was the above tilt-to-aim controls which could be enabled with a console command. They were documented in his release notes, but not exposed in the UI.

Unfortunately, this port is not the one that is currently available on the iOS App Store. Since Bethesda purchased them and bundled all the "classic" _Dooms_ with their online services, the iOS client was reworked and doesn't support these features.

Tangentially, as a big fan of y-axis inversion (not trying to start a religious war about pointer directions here), [this is an interesting write-up about how our brains perceive input](https://www.theguardian.com/games/2020/feb/28/why-do-video-game-players-invert-the-controls).

@antillese#10104 thanks for going into detail on virtua racer I'm really interested to try it out now!

That doom on ios is super interesting! Classic zenimax tho

Is doom on Android a similar build to what Carmack did? How can I play it now lol

Crazy Taxi on Dreamcast. Using the triggers for acceleration and break feels really good.

Are we allowed to talk about Smash Bros on here?

Mapping the jump to a button—_any_ button—makes that game (almost) playable.

I have my crouch button above my sprint button in PUBG, I think what would normall be capslock is my crouch and right below it is shift/crouch.

I also LOVE Child of Eden with Kinect. I find it works good under the right room lighting.

@Just_Walli#10106 I don't know what the Android situation is - sorry!

@whatsarobot#10128 As far back as the first one, you can jump with the yellow C buttons on the 3-handed N64 controller, or the X/Y buttons on the Game Cube. The bigger question is can you turn _off_ up to jump?

@antillese#10140 You can turn it off in every version of Ultimate, I think. Not sure about the older ones. I played a bit of it on 3DS, and having it turned off makes the game a lot better.

Not so much a control scheme, but more how I hold certain controllers - the nes pad I hold my thumb on the directional pad like normal but rest the button side on my leg and use two fingers to press the a/b buttons. Helps with running and jumping in games like Super Mario Bros. I also hold a playstation controller the same way when I play Tekken

@tomjonjon#10174 I also do this with a lot of controllers. I assume it is the influence of playing a lot of games with the Saturn controller and Genesis 6-button.

I also play a lot of games on arcade stick, and for consoles that have 4 face buttons, I tend to distribute the face buttons across the buttons that my fingers naturally rest upon. It's kind of like when you map Neo Geo layout on a standard 6-button stick.
So, like:

So, for example, playing Mega Man X4 (as Zero) I set it up like:
Saber, Dash, Special
Jump, blank, Giga Attack
This way my thumb is on jump, index finger on slash, and middle finger on dash. It makes it comfortable to do dash-jumps as well as mashing for saber-dash-canceling. I use a similar layout for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which makes backdash-canceling easier.

this might be a Time Crisis thing that I've weirdly misapplied to modern controllers but in any 1st or 3rd person shooter I looooove using the paddle as the crouch button. it just feels so much smoother to me than clicking that thumbstick or

worse one of those main buttons.

People complain about King‘s Field’s lack of dual analog controls, but I find king‘s fields’ controls to be quite comfortable.

Gunsport was supposed to use the triggers to aim (LT to aim up, RT to aim down) and buttons to shoot and jump, but too many people felt weird about it, so I had to change triggers to shoot and jump and right stick to aim… I still stand by my original vision and it‘s possible in the current game with remap, but it’s not tuned the way it was before.

Also the Loop Lever for Ikari Warriors, etc, where you turned the joystick to rotate your character and tilted it to move, was actually a pretty cool idea, but it's impossible outside of the arcade environment (we remapped it to twin sticks in SNK 40th)