Unexpected Spin-offs

Games in a franchise that take an abrupt change in genre or style.

ハロー!パックマン / Pac-Man 2 The New Adventures

モンスターファームジャンプ / Monster Rancher Hop-A-Bout

クロノアビーチバレー 最強チーム決定戦! / Klonoa Beach Volleyball

Guilty Gear 2 Overture

The wackiest spin-off.


That Klonoa beach volley game was pretty good!

Favorite Spinoff is going to have to be SRB2 Kart. It‘s a sonic themed multiplayer kart game built off of SRB2, which is a 3rd person sonic 3D game made in the doom engine. So, it’s a spinoff of a spinoff!


I always did wanna try Panzer Dragoon Saga

How have I still not played this?


I have always wanted to sit down with the Metal Gear Acid games for be so different in style and the little bit I‘ve played I’ve enjoyed


Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright kind of ended up being a lesser version of either game but it ended being a pretty cool spin-off for both franchises.


As far as "unexpected" spin-offs go though I don't think anyone could have expected *Nintendo* to give one of their number 1 franchises over to an indie studio for a rhythm game. _Cadence of Hyrule_ flippin owns though. [URL=https://i.imgur.com/MQAvZLm.jpg][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/MQAvZLm.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

Although I already posted Puyo Puyo as the ur-example of an unexpected spinoff that ended up obliterating the original game series it came from, I feel like posting puzzle game spin-offs is almost cheating as it’s pretty much the easiest way to branch out an IP. Yoshi and cookies, Sonic and Puyo, Sakura Wars and Columns, etc.

That being said, Psychic Force is not the first IP that would have come to my mind for a riff on Puzzle Bobble.



@chazumaru#5437 Puyo Puyo as the ur-example of an unexpected spinoff that ended up obliterating the original game series it came from

Surely _Mario_ would be the ur-example as far as video games are concerned.

But it’s not a weird spin-off, though ? Donkey Kong, Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. are all platformers and natural evolutions of the same concept. There’s a very clear game design evolution between them.

Now Super Mario Kart, that was a bizarre curveball. And it ended up a bigger game than the main series, although it did not make it irrelevant. But I guess by that point we were already familiar with Mario going through different activities / sports / jobs so it did not sound that weird.

@robinhoodie#5435 I played the bajeezus out of both Acid games in high school and can confirm that they are extremely fun and crazy addictive if you have ever enjoyed TCGs and/or turn-based strategy. I kept waiting for KojiPro to announce a third one for the 3DS or Vita, and it never happened. Wish someone would rip off the concept already.

The Rockman (aka Mega Man) Monopoly clone is my favorite Famicom Rockman game.

My first reaction to learning about it was ‘Why is there a Mega Man board game video-game?’

My first reaction to playing it was ‘Wow, this is really good!’

@Geoff#5445 RockBoard? I never gave it the time of day as it did not seem very interested in making anything of the Rockman theme, but I am interested in hearing more about what it does well.

@robinhoodie#5435 The AC!D games are absolutely fantastic. It‘s such a shame that the series never continued and nobody took the idea further. Nowadays they’re especially good as mobile games via your emulator of choice - I normally don‘t like touchscreen emulator buttons but that’s obviously not an issue for menu-based games like these.


Yeah, Rockboard. It's a good time.
It's a very late Famicom game so it looks and sounds good.
It's super polished in all these little ways you might not even notice at first. For example, When a character rolls a 6, they will walk six spaces, but they also have a little thought balloon over their head in which they are counting down how many steps they need to take. It's nice to have a visual representation of how many more spaces a character has left to move.
The designers could have just put a number floating above the character's head to achieve the same effect for the player, but they went that one extra step, and fit it into the game by having the characters thinking it. It adds to the feeling of the characters being characters and not just representations of the player.

Monopoly is well suited to being a video-game. There's some stuff I find tedious about it as a board game like the counting and passing around of money, but in video-game form the system does that lifting for you.

I haven't played Rockboard in a while, but if I remember correctly each character has some sort of a buff.
It also has little rule-set tweaks that make it a very fast paced Monopoly-like game.

Each character is building different things, and has dialogue specific to their ambition.
I like to play as Roll. She builds hospitals.

The very first thing that came to mind for me was https://segaretro.org/images/8/8a/Typing_of_the_Dead.png

@2501#5444 I feel really luck that I've still got my Solid Eye googles around here somewhere. I am a sucker for ridiculous accessories. 3DS would have been the natural fit for a 3rd game what with the fake 3D

A few games that went off in their own direction

R-Type Tactics
Quiz King of Fighters
Quiz HQ
The King of Fighters Kyo
Samurai Spirits RPG
Puyo Puyo Da
Puzzle! Mushihime Tama


@ohfivepro#5467 Samurai Spirits RPG

That reminds me: