Unexpected Spin-offs

I guess for spin-offs I like the idea of a side character getting their own thing like a TV show, so my recommendation is Luigi's Mansion. Not very exciting but a good example.

Ignoring the quiz and doujin games because there are too many, here's a few more

King of Fighters panel de pon - board game KOF on the NGPC


Not really sure if SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters Clash really counts so I'll say it in text only.

Fray CD - a shooting game based on the Xak RPG series

KOF Sky Stage - self explanatory and also kind of disappointing

Air Zonk - I dunno, maybe it was expected

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood! Bioware Sonic RPG! which sucks!

Sonic the Fighters! which rules! (but also sucks)

I'm sure I'll come up with 5 million more later

Friends don’t let friends develop and release Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation.



@exodus#5511 Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood! Bioware Sonic RPG! which sucks!

The music is something that needs to be heard to be believed.



… Dead or Alive Xtreme?

Nah. Same genres.

I forgot about that godawful Virtua Quest game for a long time and recently remembered it. Good gravy.

Remember when Mega Man Battle Network was like, a growth genre for the Japanese industry? There could be a thread about that topic alone, I think.


Like, there was no reason that game HAD TO suck. Sure, the kiddie theme felt really incongruous to the IP and pretty hard to fathom outside of the era, I think. But it just wasn't a good game.

Pac-Man World!


I love Pac-Man World. It wasn't the absolute crème de la crème of 90s 3D platformers, but it was up there and I still have a great time with it once in a while. The sequel was also good, but the third one wasn't so great. Know what was even better than Pac-Man World?

**Pac 'n Roll!**


Pac-Man World's stylus-controlled cousin is sincerely and unapologetically one of my all-time favourite games. Everything about it is just *right*. For those who don't like touch controls, it was released as part of one of the Namco Museum compilations for Wii with more traditional analog-stick controls. I urge anyone who hasn't played it to give it a try.


I have a framed Pac 'n Roll poster on my office wall. During lockdown Zoom meetings I used every opportunity to point it out and evangelise about the game.

I really tried with virtua quest! but it is, indeed, so bad. just moving around in that game doesn't feel good, and then it gets to be a boring slog pretty much immediately.

and @Video_Game_King I had blanked out this music! good lord.

Undercover Cops for GB reminds me of Tekken Card Challenge for Wonderswan. Pretty anticlimactic for a Tekken fan I'd say.


@Video_Game_King#5531 Wasn’t there some story behind this? Like EA bought the studio in the middle of this project, and so they were made to scramble and release it basically unfinished with placeholder music tracks?

Pop'n Twinbee: Rainbow Bell Adventures on the Super Famicom!


From SHMUP to a really pretty pastel painted platformer. I was also shocked to see that the Twinbee/Winbee model kits specifically have screenshots for this game on the box and no other Twinbee game.

hmm, I'd check this one out!

Remember that time when all Wii owners wanted was a new Soul Calibur fighting game and instead they got a weird-ass action adventure?


Remember that time when all Wii owners wanted was a new Castlevania action adventure and instead they got a weird-ass fighting game?


I will never not be frustrated at how much cheaper Wii games look than Gamecube games. Almost everything not by Nintendo has the most bland art direction. I feel like Castlevania Judgement is kind of trying to be Power Stone, and while no where in that league, if it at least had the same level of oomph to the art style it might have gotten me to forgive A LOT. Most unforgivable is that you can't play the game with any kind of regular controller, you have to use the Wii Mote and Nunchuck.

ah, there‘s good looking ones!! I do think the bar was geeeeeenerally raised, and the better looking games look better than the better looking gamecube games, though there is a certain cheapness in aggregate since there were so many games made. but the conduit, fragile dreams, pandora’s tower, the last story, zak and wiki (regardless of how it plays), trauma center, sonic colors, silent hill shattered memories, etc - there's stuff in there!

@exodus#5687 I mean you‘re right, but you listed a bunch of games with some real art direction. Or like really going for something (I would throw Another Code R in there as well). I think there’s something about Wii games of that era especially where, 360 and PS3 already were struggling with the brown and grey aesthetic, and then the Wii would try the same on lesser hardware. So when it comes to these cheaper spin offs I feel like they are actually failing to embrace what made weird Wii games (say Domino Rally) special. Oh! So I can think of a Wii spin off that does have some production values: Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearers


Yeah, I guess that's all I feel I can compare - the best with the best. if we compare the worst with the worst, or even the average with the average, the platform with the most games wins that competition hands down! (presuming winning=the most games that look bad)

Its not exactly spin offs, but there is a real interesting moment when you have the HD versions of games and the SD version of games on the market at the same time. Sort of like the earlier portable versus console versions of the game. I feel like this keeps coming up in IC conversations. But actually here is where the Wii did a good job on the spin off front on all levels! Light Gun games (which all later got up res'ed to PS3). The Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles game looked amazing by building on the Gamecube Assets, but even more of a surprise is Dead Space Extraction. I guess this shows that even non bright and colorful games could look great on the Wii


Well! Unexpected spin-offs, “light gun” shooters, tout ça tout ça: let’s give a shout out to the best Zelda game released for the Wii.


@chazumaru#5694 Crossbow Training rules!