Unorthadox takes on recipes and food

@“mindleftbody”#p140927 A flute based jazz album!

Made gyudon today. Usually made from ribeye, thin sliced. Since the Asian markets are downtown, i just asked my butcher to thin slice some tenderloin. Still tastes incredible.

The egg yolk is runny inside, the pickled ginger makes everything better!


Made a garlic bread (in a baguette) chicken heart sandwich. A little provolone cheese and mustard. 10/10


Every once in awhile all I do is make yakisoba pan, but this latest round I decided to get a little weird with it.

Heat hoagie with swiss cheese in the oven, slather bun with Kewpie mayo, tajin, and howler monkey Verde sauce

Put cooked noodles on bun with some katsuo fumi furikake and bingo bango ya got it.

It's real good.



@“MoH”#p146043 This is how I heard about yakisoba pan

Today I mixed white cheddar macroni with potato lentil curry and it was good.


I‘m quite a fan of gochujang - and as I mention in the OP I don’t care for food-orthodoxy (at least in home cooking). I'm going to hit the research labs and try and find a good way of making this all planty – but regardless, I reckon this sounds pretty good in general.

It might be as easy as using seared jackfruit or lionsmane mushroom in substitution of the chicken, and omitting the pancetta but adding some smoked paprika and an extra dash of oil. That's a conversation for [another thread](, however.

Had some leftover chickpea buttersquash curry and had to improvise a lunch that would do well on the go, so I made and packed some curry burritos to eat at work.

A flour tortilla is just thinner yogurtless naan if you think about it so it should be good.


Galinhada Yakimeshi with shitake

galinhada is a famous chicken rice dish


try this with your fries or hash browns or tatter tots or jojos or whathaveyou:

sour cream + msg + chili powder (the hotter the better)

so simple it boggles the mind.


Giving these a whirl.

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