Unusual Zeebo games

Okay, most Zeebo games are unusual and maybe some folks aren't aware of it at all!

The Zeebo was a game platform created by Tec-Toy (the Brazilian Sega licensors who made all those master system consoles and games) which was really ahead of its time. It's a home console, but it used mobile tech and wifi downloading for all its games. It was a completely digital only console by a company with a decent pedigree and a lot of good partners signed on at first. Unfortunately due to a lot of things I can't talk about but discovered during a 2 hour conversation at a cafe in Esfahan with two Brazilians who definitely knew what was up, the platform got nerfed mere months before launch, sold for too much, and never had a chance. It came out in 2009 and was discontinued by 2011. NTSC folks can buy a Mexican edition (like I did!) to get around PAL weirdness.

Before its untimely demise, it got a few real curious games. Lots of Japanese game ports and a few originals, and a lot of curious Java stuff. Here are some of those games, feel free to add more!

Double Dragon: this is a 100% original, fully licensed Double Dragon game exclusive to Zeebo.

Resident Evil 4: this is a java port but it's amazing that it works at all. It actually looks kind of alright?

Prey Evil: this is a sort of port sort of original Prey game, I'm not sure if it's exclusive or a Java thing?? Either way... it exists, which is pretty weird.

Want to play the excellent Korean ARPG Zenonia on your TV? I do, and here it is:

Um Jogo De Ovos: pretty sure this is an exclusive. Had to have some Brazilian games on here, and this is one of them! Feels like a TV license.

Then there's all the zeebo extreme games:

They also had zeeboids, which were basically miis!!

What a weird thing they made. I got one of the first 10 off the production line because I broke the news of the Zeebo's existence on insert credit - they gave it to me at a US launch party, even though it wasn't coming out here. It's signed by all the main stakeholders and has a big "9" on it. Or maybe a 6. They gave me the console only, no controller or hookups. I asked if it would work, and they're like... no, it's empty. Why would you want a working one?

So that's the zeebo.


@exodus#27003 during a 2 hour conversation at a cafe in Esfahan with two Brazilians who definitely knew what was up

uh...*dude* please write a memoir someday

@marlfuchs2#27009 it would be boring to most people but riveting to like 5 or 6 of y'all.