Video game art books & guides!

The [next book]( from Maeda Hiroyuki, who notably handles the Perfect Catalogue series on gaming hardware for G-Mook, will cover 174 arcade fighting games released in the 20th Century, between 1984 and 2000.

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not sure if this is the right thread, but does anyone know whatever became of that pix n love book about gunpei yokoi years back? i was all hyped for it, then nothing

Gotta be one of the weirdest things I have ever found in a guidebook, let alone a Megaten one. Here is Megami Tensei II no Subete, a 1990 guidebook from Famicom Hisshōbon for Megami Tensei II. All good so far.


But here is the actual cover behind the dust jacket.


Clearly copied or traced from _Le Lotus Bleu_, Tintin’s fifth adventure and probably the first great album in the series. It was famously the book that made author Hergé turn from doodling random stuff he had seen in movies or read in books to actually researching his topics and trying to educate Belgian kids about parts of the world, after meeting with (and possibly fucking) a young (and hot) Chinese man who informed him about the misrepresentation of China in Western culture and the under-reported crimes of the Japanese Army. Also, and consequently, an extremely critical and sometimes racist manifesto against the Japanese. Even weirder, the art seems to be borrowed from [the original 1935 version](, instead of the revised 1945 edition – which itself was only published in Japan for the first time in 1993, three years after this book.


What’s the connection with Megaten II, a post-apocalyptic RPG about helping Japanese gods defeat Bael and other judeochristian mythical deities and demons in 20XX Tokyo? No effing clue. Tinmi dinner = [Chinmi dinner.](

I was gonna create a thread for this and discovered there already is one. I love video game strategy guides! There‘s something about sitting with a big ol RPG with a strategy guide in your lap that feels so nice. It’s more fun and charming than hunting through google every time I get stuck. My most recent acquisition is the White Knight Chronicles guide to accompany my playthrough of it.

I recently saw an unofficial Albert Odyssey strategy guide with bootleg art and everything. It was so weird. I had already spent too much money that day though and had to resist buying it. They were selling it for like 75$.

that's way too high for a bootleg guide, damn

recently ran through ff pixel remaster 1 with the nintendo player's guide, and it was a huge help! love it when a plan comes together


This looks awesome

I got this guide for RPGツクールGB cuz I wanted to get a bit more detail on how things look and between each chapter they have these sweet spreads.


Was there ever a Groove on Fight art book? or did Range Murata put out his own with designs specifically from the game? Would love to get my hands on such a thing.

@“connrrr”#p154648 I‘m not aware of one, and I’ve been looking since the late 90‘s, lol. But then the last time I looked with any amount of energy there weren’t full scans of Gamest and so on available through archive dot org, so it‘s possible there’s something I don‘t know about. There’s some concept art floating around out there, but that's all I know about.

Got Vanillaware’s Vanilla Mania art book in today!

It’s a REALLY good book. Covers everything from Princess Crown to 13 Sentinels with some other goodies sprinkled in. You get all of the big promotional pieces and a bunch of concept art. It’s a very warm feeling book, much like the their games. Everything pre-13 Sentinels is very well represented with TONS of content. 13S has its own like 400 page art book so there’s much less here but it’s still a good amount. One of my fav goodies is the 10 pages of food art:

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