Video Game Food and Drink

I love video games and food and drink and celebrate when the worlds collide. Let's post food and drink stuff related to video games!

Sega seems to love turning Sonic into food so here's a Twitter thread about the Sonic 25th anniversary cafe that popped up.

My wife and I like coming up with gaming cocktails after we visited a barcade in SF that had a bunch of cocktails named after video game stuff.

**Fire Flower**
Fireball whiskey
A few red hot candies
A sprig of cilantro for garnish

**The Dragon of Dojima**
Suntory Whisky
Q brand ginger beer
(this brand has extra kick than other brands I've tried and really lends to the namesake of the drink)
Squeeze of Lime

**Princess Peach**
Cran-Raspberry juice
Peach Liqueur
Garnish with lime (or a flower)

**Blue Streak**
White rum
Tonic water
Blue curacao
Served with a side of onion rings

@milo#17301 ok, that “Dragon of Dojima” sounds legitimately great, I need to try that! I feel like video game inspired cocktails could almost be its own entire thread…

I'm glad you posted this because it reminded me that I have yet to crack open my copy of "Mother's Cookbook," which is a really lovingly made cookbook inspired by Mother/Earthbound that I backed on Kickstarter in 2019:



@Syzygy#17338 wow, your mentioning the FF potion brings to mind the long-held association I have between San Pellegrino Sanbitter:


and basically any red potion stored in a small vial or flask, though the first one was probably Dungeon Siege, e.g.:


To this day I just assume the little red potions in Diablo, Torchlight, etc taste like this bitter/sweet aperitif soda concoction.