video game t-shirts

I can't rock these colors, but this shirt is cool

hahah this black flag/myst parody shirt is such a deep cut (as mentioned in the website copy) and i'm amazed at cyan for making and selling this one

more games should make obscure references to themselves with band shirts

@“hellomrkearns”#p112067 online ceramics is hype tho^tfw

I was digging in my closet and found this old Ghouls n Ghosts shirt I got at a hot topic in Minnesota 16 years ago.

I love it. It's the artwork from the fliers and side art of the ghouls n ghosts arcade machine. I wish they used this art more, even though I also really like the Genesis cover art too.


metal gear x uniqlo next month


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I saw this a few months ago and was like, wow finally one of those Uniqlo shirts that looks good! I wear it all the time. It’s also Sim City x MoMA which is funny.


Been playing Klax because my kids checked out the game Klask from the library. It‘s this cute carromy table-top dexterity game which has a few different ways to win and I think Tim would get really mad about how he rejected a bunch of the ideas when he was working on Videoball. I’ve also been walking around the house saying “It is the 2020s and there is time for Klask” so much that my family is getting annoyed.

My point is: **you can send away to Atari to get a _Klax_ t-shirt!**


seems like something people here would purchase and wear


So I finally pulled the trigger on ordering these shirts from Japan, specifically from Taito’s storefront. It’s from a collab with a designer called Hardcore Chocolate, which has been doing game shirts in and off for seemingly 9 years. This is the one that brought me to the storefront in the first place.


I think the designs are incredible, but held off until I thought it was time to finally get some new shirts.

@“yeso”#p144497 saw fangamer doing this also, and, frankly, some may disagree, but i'd sooner just get a cheap print of the same art from aliexpress :joy_cat:

@“treefroggy”#p151533 The way the Twitter card cropped the photo in conjunction with the knots in the pink sleeves made me think that you were sharing the photo for a very funny but very non-games reason!

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@“treefroggy”#p151534 I have almost only t shirts from Uniqlo, mostly game ones not just for the designs but the quality of their stuff!

Some are six years old and haven't lost their shape or texture and considering you can buy a t shirt for a quarter of the price that almost disintegrates in a year they're a bargain!

I also saw the rest of the fighting game line and I will be getting at least two more. Damn you!!!

Edit - [Here's]( ) the full range

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kate willaert has put up a recreation of this one and it’s now one of my favourite tshirts


Got a bootleg Killer7 shirt


slowdive (stolen from ‘Cardiff Music History’ page on facebook)