Video Game Trailers

I was thinking about different trailers for video games today and I thought it might make an interesting thread topic! Here's a few that spring to mind for me:

  • - The trailer I was thinking about today, for Bionic Commando Rearmed. This might be the only game I ever bought purely based on a trailer, and was a great purchase as the game is awesome. Played through it in co-op with a buddy. Mostly I just enjoy the music, and the gameplay footage is edited real nice around it in places.
  • - Next up, the first trailer I remember being everywhere, like for me the moment when gaming felt like a mainstream pursuit alongside movies, tv, books and music. The Gears of War 2 trailer I‘m sure you’ve all seen before! Again excellent music here, I recommend DeVotchka strongly - especially this album, How It Ends.
  • - Finally, the trailer for Dragon Age: Origins where they just stitched every action cutscene together from the whole game. I love this trailer, and it was quite poorly received at the time because of how it massively misrepresented the game (which was a classic BioWare tactical turn-based RPG). I had a great time with this game but I can imagine how if you saw this trailer and bought the game you'd be pretty confused.

  • I remember the day it came out, I was straight up flabbergasted by the Grand Theft Auto IV trailer. Philip Glass, graphics that showed off the weight the cars had, the whole Koyaanisqatsi setup (which of course I had not yet seen). It's still an interesting little clip, rewatching it today.

    For some reason the first trailer for GTA IV has stuck in my head after all these years. I never even played it at the time (didn't have a modern console or a PC), but it got me.

    The Silent Hill 2 trailers.

    I wouldn't play the game until about 5 years ago, but the Silent Hill 2 in my mind from when these trailers first hit was the most terrifying thing imaginable. It really sunk in and I have been working on a Silent Hill 2 homage in my comics for a few years now.

    The Phantom Pain Elegia trailer

    All the game's trailers are excellent, but the asyncronous mix of audio (dialogue and music) with the video once again let the imagination spin out into some really evocative places. I am pretty sure Kojima edited this one himself?

    I am largely disinterested in Destiny these days, but Bungie still knows how to cut a good trailer. A recent example I saw from a few months ago leading up to the most recent release:

    In the Wii days I was very interested in Xenoblade Chronicles for its huge world and long playtime. I've still never played anything in the series but I remember being very impressed by an early Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer. I could swear there was a date (year) in the end of it that looked far away at the time so this might not be it exactly, but it was already liked by my account.

    This BotW trailer blew me away. Music composed just for a trailer is always a treat.


    @Kez#13569 The Gears of War 2 trailer I’m sure you’ve all seen before! Again excellent music here, I recommend DeVotchka strongly - especially this album, How It Ends.

    It is a terrific one-minute long short film. I love the tone.

    The other trailer for that game wasn't bad either,

    @Geoff#13582 I am a sucker for the Gears of War trailers and I have never seen this one. I really dig it.

    Last minute of this N++ trailer

    Quadrilateral Cowboy

    and this Mario Galaxy spec trailer

    I also like the Ape Out playable trailer and would love to see more of those. Or a game with the balls to just not have a trailer.

    Makes me insta-cry, every time

    Snatcher in-engine trailer from PCE Snatcher Pilot Disk. Pretty damn cool.

    Contains major spoilers.


    I posted this in the game pickup thread, but I'm all about the Arc Rise Fantasia trailer for using one of my favorite songs of all time!!!

    Ace Combat 7 all the GODDAMN WAY. I liked the trailers for that game so much and was so unbelievably hyped with this it that I ended up making a youtube playlist to watch them all on one go.

    Speaking of Ace Combat, someone must be as crazy as I am for this series because they turned one of my favorite game trailers ever, the E3 2006 one for Ace Combat Zero, which also serves as the intro for the full game, into an animated sequence using footage from the Area 88 OVAs from 1985.

    Original trailer:

    Animated version:

    I like this video specially because it evolves into a crossover of its own. Ace Combat is very obviously inspired by Area 88 and other militaristic series from that era like Macross and Gundam. The thing is, Area 88 already had a great videogame adaptation in 1989 developed by none other than Capcom! And that was released in the west as U.N. Squadron.

    I like to think of this video as the two series going full circle.

    Derek Lieu has a podcast about trailer editing in video games and movies called The Cutdown

    @Snowdecahedron#13581 The BOTW Trailer theme not being in the actual game might be my biggest disappointment to come from that game. Well maybe it‘s the English voice acting, but still! That theme is just so good and I really hadn’t been so blown away by a game trailer in a long time back during that presentation.

    on the topic of Ace Combat trailers, the fanmade Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere fan translation trailer is absolutely fantastic. The latter half of it is just super well edited.

    @Syzygy#13604 One thousand beats a day, three hundred sixty five days a year! will always be ingrained in my head.

    Another trailer I'd often watch obsessively when it came out was the Silent Hill 4 one. Perfect setup for the atmosphere. I love the sound 1:38 in, and I got goosebumps the first time the music cut out to the frantic breathing at exactly 2:15. Probably my favorite entry in the series. The way the ghosts float around was so good, too.

    @JJSignal#13663 Yeah this one is up there for me too, with the evocative sound and abstracted images. I always think about the moment where the lyrics cut in.

    @Dunkr#13589 These cuts for N++ and QC are two of the best I've ever seen. I was never very into N but this is so good I just might give it another try.

    @JJSignal#13663 This is also used as the demo reel when you let the title screen sit idle and those two edits you point to freaked me the hell out when I first booted it up sitting alone in my dark basement.

    White Rabbit does it for me. This is similar to the above Dragon Age trailer in that it's basically totally misleading about what type of game Lost Odyssey is.

    This 2011 trailer for what was then Versus XIII is one of the last times I really let myself get hyped for a game (I don't watch trailers for new games anymore). It got me largely because of the music, and I liked the bizarre blend of totally anime hair and black-on-black-on-black formal wear. The scene between Noctis and Stella (lol) having the sound of footfalls but no voices was also really intriguing to me (or my lizard brain), for some reason!