Video games on ice

So, this happened. and the sheer out-of-place-ness of these characters in an ice-skating session got me thinking… what if they did this with video game characters?

Mario and Peach could work well. Mario _does_ jump a lot, and the always out of reach Peach could make for a compelling choreography. No matter what, it'd be so out of place in the world of ice skating that I'd find it extremely funny.

So, what video game duo would you like to see as an ice skating routine?

That's easy. Hazuki Ryo and Harasaki Nozomi


@“RubySunrise”#p56963 Mario and Peach could work well.

I witnessed this firsthand and it blew my tiny child mind

Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima

proof of concept at the end of this video (w/ rollerskates)

I swear, I remembered this as Mortal Kombat on Ice

So I am going to say Scorpion and Sub-Zero

I'm old enough to remember when Metal Sonic won the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Figure Skating gold metal with his rendition of Ave Maria.

I would love to see more Sega characters on the ice, like maybe Big the Cat and Rouge the Bat could do a waltz to the Sonic Forces theme song.

big lol