Video Games: The Board Game: The Video Game

There‘s been a run of table-top / board games based on video games as of late, usually funded via Kickstarter. Steamforged Games, for instance, have made card and board versions of Devil May Cry V, Dark Souls and even Pac-Man. There’s one based on Street Fighter and the most recent high profile instance being a conversion of Darkest Dungeon.

On the flip-side, conversions of card and board games into video games are becoming more prevalent. Publishers like [Asmodee]( are offering digital renditions of their games and services like [Board Game Arena]( offer a cheap alternative to physical counterparts.

What video games do you want to see board game versions of? What are some board games you'd like to see turned into video games? What works for either and what doesn't?

I‘d like to see a boardgame of Killer Queen, I think there’s enough going on in there the transition wouldn't be too difficult. I think it would be interesting to see the game slowed down into turn based tactics.

For the opposite, I'd love to see Betrayal at House on the Hill as a videogame. There are lots of asynchronus multiplayer games around but I don't know any that tap into the procedualality of Betrayal. I think it would be fun grappling with a book of obscure solutions while being hunted by a randomised movie monster.

I want to see a video game based on The Arkham Horror. I‘ve owned that game for about 15 years but I think I’ve only ever gotten as far as setting it up. After trying to arrange everything correctly and studying the rulebook, I completely lost my interest in actually playing the game. It's supposed to be fun but it would be a lot easier if I could just hop into a digital representation!

So one type of board game I think is silly/fun are old VHS games like Atmosfear or The Clue VCR Mystery Game. It would be really neat to see something that uses that concept but with enhanced interactivity from a game console. I feel like the Wii would have been the ideal platform for that kind of thing since it was so popular and you could have challenges like "the first player to [do something] with the Wii-mote gets to move ahead three spaces" or something. Actually, I'm a little surprised nobody tried to do something like that!


Oh man, a Betrayal video game would be so cool. I imagine it might play a little like among us, technically.

As a child of the 90‘s, I played many board games based on video games and electronics properties already.

I played multiple board game iterations of Pokemon, and I even played the Tamagotchi board game. Nowadays, as an adult, it’s either D&D, TCG, or get out of my face. I played a couple games of munchkin dungeon crawl version that were alright. The new Trogdor board game looks cute…… IDK, isn‘t there already a dark Souls board game? I’d play a Dragon Quest board game, or better yet, a table top rpg….

I had the legend of zelda game but don't remember how it played.

also played the civ board game once, and we were mostly figuring out the rules the whole time

I might buy the pathologic board game to support ice pick, but will probably never play it

Interesting that they're trying to preserve the life and death ideological battle part of the game. The resource/survival aspects would be board game adaptable I'd think, but all the narrative stuff just wouldn't be possible, would it?