"video games" you can "play" while driving

I‘m about to embark on a coast-to-coast roadtrip that will have me sitting in my car from dawn till dusk for five days. I’m already loaded up on audiobooks, music, and back episodes of IC, but wondering: what's the closest you can get to playing a videogame while driving (responsibly(?)).

I remember hearing a while ago that Tesla let you play video games while driving. The list of video games I found on offer is truly horrifying when you stop to think about it.

might take some work to get the speech <-> text software, but visually impaired people use it to play IF games

Just pretend you're playing VR Desert Bus.

Put on the Outrun soundtrack and start weaving in between cars.

No don't do that. But seriously, whenever I'm driving with the Outrun soundtrack on I feel like I'm king of the road.


@“milo”#p38423 No don’t do that.

That's right. Put on the *Daytona USA* soundtrack and start weaving in between cars.


Imaginary Skateboarder Grinding on Railings Along the Highway is a good one

Talk with yourself about old movies

one game you might like is Listening to and answering along with the panel of Insert Credit Show, and getting episodes ONE DAY EARLY by subscribing at any level at patreon.com/insertcredit !!

I used long car drives to listen to music and let my imagination really go places. I don‘t know if that’s the same thing as a videogame, but I‘ve been able to get into “the zone” several times and each time it felt very much like experiencing a long movie. I also used to drive through Kansas a lot, and there’s nothing to really look at!

  • - hang out in my van and play Buck Bumble on my JVC RGB CRT while I drive through the mountains

  • - Pick up NPC hitch hiker vagabonds and deliver to destination like a hippie version of Crazy Taxi
  • - Whip out a gameboy micro at every stop light, cops will have no idea (they can't see smaller than 50×101×17.2 mm)
  • - Play the old fashioned road games like punch buggy, license plates etc.
  • - imagine *hoverboarding* on the roadside, and imagine the hoverboard is razor sharp and cuts all the roadside grass, revealing rupees, wild pokemon etc.
  • - Finance a Tesla with FSD, or don't, and join my [Tesla Arcade discussion thread](https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/498-tesla-arcade), where so far there has been a mostly negative response lol.
  • - Seconding pretending to play Desert Bus the entire time.
  • - *Back in my day, all we had was horse farts!*
  • -

    Pick one day where you're going to be on the same highway all day.

  • -

    Cover the clock on your dashboard with a piece of tape.

  • -

    Play no radio, music or podcasts.

  • -

    Meditate on the road hypnosis and your thoughts for 8 hours.

  • @“treefroggy”#p38455 when I was a kid (8-12 or so) we used to do a 20+ hour drive cross country multiple times a year to visit my brothers at college. I had some Tiger electronics games but those did not consume for long. We used to do the license plate game and I was extremely proud to be the one with the notebook writing down all the states and provinces and other weird plates we saw. This was Good Parenting. I remember finding a Hawaii plate in the parking lot of the university one year and feeling like I’d just won the heavyweight championship.

    I‘ve never driven in America or done a 5 day road trip. Where I’m from, once you get out of the city the roads start winding so you have to be fairly attentive.

    The closest thing to a game I play is reading the suggested speed on the signs approaching the corner, adjusting that number by about 15, and trying to slow down to that without braking. It‘s also fun to try and find the apex of a corner and go through it with only one motion of the steering wheel. Although, I can only do this sort of stuff when there aren’t cars ahead of me.

    Driving was the video game all along

    I used to do a thing where I would set my cruise control at a weird number, 67 or something, then watch for the signs that show how far out you are from a town and try to figure out what time I would reach that town. e.g., if it‘s 5 pm and I’m going 60 mph and I‘m 60 miles out from townsville, I’d reach townsville at 6 pm. but it‘s harder if you set your speed at a weird number. ok maybe you’re getting it by now. i'm bad at math,

    Road trip day one: I failed to implement any of these admirable suggestions except @“esper”#11 ‘s! Listening to the first track of Brandon-recommended Finnish metal band Havukruunu’s 2020 album while driving through death valley made me feel like the hero in an unknown-to-me cowboy JRPG.

    I had some trouble with @"treefroggy"#449 's hoverboard game, since there weren't many shrubs to slice down; I ended up using the exhaust from the hoverboard to uncover goodies from under the sand, but then my hoverboarder had to keep circling back around to snag them, breaking up his momentum.

    I'm curious about everyone else's variations on the "dude traversing the landscape outside the window in a cool way" genre. I myself usually have a parkour artist with freakishly long, low jumps.

    Similar to my last suggestion, but binge listening to “the worst idea ever” podcast where two new Zealand gentlemen watch and review Grown Ups 2 once a week for a year is also a appropriately mind shatteting/numbing experience. Especially you haven't seen Grown Ups 2.

    Im trying to avoid making podcast recommendations but I want to say it sort of counts since the original podcast was as a game (of endurance) and listening to it for long periods is almost like taking part in it.

    this seems interesting going to try the demo when I have a sec


    @“Moon”#p38804 Are those the same guys that are on Til Death Do We Blart, where they join the mcelroy brothers in watching Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 anually on Thanksgiving?