"video games" you can "play" while driving



Driving is the game!

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Gave this guy a rack of ribs randomly, went in his van to eat

He’s got the PS5 held up on bungies right beside his door


@“fridgeboy”#p38498 I remember finding a Hawaii plate in the parking lot of the university one year and feeling like I’d just won the heavyweight championship.

My family went in a lot of road trips to various U.S national parks when I was younger, so this reminds me that a lot of people including kids would stare at our baja california licence plates in awe or confusion.

I specifically recall a kid in Yellowstone being super exited and a man in Mt. Rainier that upon inspectioning the licence plates said "huh, there's a california in mexico? They are trying to steal our states!"

Well, that’s ironic. Is the history of California and how it came about not well known in the US? I thought it was part of the American mythos.

@“treefroggy”#p40633 Important info needed:

  • * were the ribs good?
  • * what did he have on ps5?
  • @“chazumaru”#p40664

    CA state history (with an emphasis on the spanish mission system) is covered in 4th grade if you go to school in California. But at that age you get a very sanitized version.

    If you're outside California you might learn something about the gold rush as part of a larger trend of western expansionism (like that depicted in "Oregon Trail") but a lot of the details get compressed and glossed over.

    @“Moon”#p40668 Interesting, thanks! I thought it would be taught at a national level if only because it was one of the young USA’s first military victories and my understanding was the battle of the Alamo in Texas is considered a pretty big historical event. But maybe most people assume the Alamo was a battle of White settlers defending themselves against Native Americans…

    @“rejj”#p40666 melt in your mouth epic ness

    I had a big day celebrating at the beach, hadn’t eaten since breakfast and the ribs were free. So it was prime time

    FF7R, of course. You can’t live in a van without it

    @“Moon”#p40668 In addition to this, they barely even mention Japanese internment and many other landmark points in CA history. I’m sure it differs from district to district to some extent but at least at my schools growing up you’d think the gold rush basically defines CA history.

    @“chazumaru”#p40671 the Alamo is covered in most US public schools by saying “remember the alamo” a few times and then moving on

    @“MichaelDMcGrath”#p40686 Yea, it's really much more remembered in Texas specifically, where they have entire units dedicated to Texan history, although I suspect the overall image of the Alamo - that of American settlers heroically defending themselves to the last against [INFORMATION NOT FOUND] - is the same throughout the country.

    There was an episode of Angry Planet about the Alamo which as a non-American I found rather interesting


    I've been watching King of the Hill latesy and just yesterday watched the episode titled How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Alamo


    When Hank finds out Bobby‘s new Texas History textbook hardly even mentions The Alamo, he teams up with Bruce Tuttle, an aspiring writer-director, to produce a play about it. However, Bruce creates a revisionist version of the story, and despite Hank’s disgust, Bobby must participate in the play to get extra credit and avoid summer school.