Video Mixtape Recommendations

Inspired by the Video Essay Recommendations thread, and specifically the Moon post featuring Adam Curtis‘ ’It Felt Like A Kiss‘ which is veering more into the impressionistic end of things, I thought maybe there should be a thread specifically for longform videos that AREN’T essays or documentaries or regular old programs - I‘m talking video mixtapes. What is a video mixtape? Well, to paraphrase an old saying about art, I don’t know, but I know it when I see it.

In fact, sometimes video mixtapes explicitly are Art:

Sometimes they're TV programs, but not like _normal_ programs:

Sometimes they're skate videos:

Sometimes they're simply a DJ mix with visual accompaniment...

...which is something that's been happening for a long time!

Anyway, whatever the heck they are, they're something I like, and I'd love to know what YOUR favourites are, if you have some!

mark leckey:

Good old James Benning:

EDIT - watch James Benning's contemporary masterpiece 11x14 at home. Has some bare ass in it sorry

however 10 skies below does not have and nudity

couldn't find complete deborah stratman uploads but the clips are cool

i'm actually making one right now!

inspo is obviously Curtis, and also racertrash, which Moon posted about on the “hard sells” thread. they are a “radical editing collective” whose motto is “attack and dethrone cinema”. they make these wild, vaporwave-y, really dense, feature-length edits of cult classic movies. for copyright reasons you can only really watch their stuff live, on Twitch. though there are tidbits on Vimeo:

mostly I can't catch the streams cuz they are long af and start at around 4AM my time :P
i did see this next one and it was great, so maybe tune in if you're curious:

@tombo#20975 do I need to see the original vanilla skies first?

@yeso#20977 i‘m gonna say no. i obviously use a lot of footage from it, so it is spoilery (and partly a commentary on the original). but there’s enough other stuff in there so as to make the original plot incomprehensible xD

i'll prolly finish it sometime this week

@tombo#20980 ok, your trailer has me eagerly waiting in anticipation—perfect musical accompaniment selection for the carousel coda

I like the brainwashing scene from Parralax View (1974)
Warning: very breif violence and nudity

The Thor reference hits harder in today's MCU world

Further proof Ye fans are some of the most creative on the internet. The actual website is even cooler.

Also, would the video for Endless count?

searching for that Grease essay on Vimeo yesterday led me to this video essay on video essays, which led me down a rabbit hole of video essays, but more importantly this haunting supercut of Seinfield shots without people:

There was one I saw a long time ago I think it was called “State Of Emergency” and it‘s a cut of all these scenes from zombie movies about the government response, but they never show a zombie so you kind of get the idea of the government collapsing over the course of an hour in response to what? It’s not clear.

Tried looking for it again a few times over the last couple years and havnt been able to find it.

I am super happy to see this thread filling up with cool stuff to watch!!

@tombo#20975 This looks great! I guess now I have to watch Vanilla Sky... even if not mandatory I feel like it's worth doing the homework to fully appreciate this

@eur0pa#21128 Endless definitely counts! I haven't ever been a huge Ye fan and swerved him hard these past few years with all the political and religious weirdness, although Kids See Ghosts was pretty cool. But I'll check this fan video out!

It's done!

nonsense blurb for the virtual pamphlet:


The world did end in the year 2000. An apocalyptic event produced a split in the space-time continuum of our galaxy: Tom Cruise’s performance as David Aames in the film “Vanilla Sky”. Everything that has happened since has been merely the product of hallucination within Mr. Aames’ psyche, brought about by a powerful cocktail of heavy tropic medication.


This film reveals, for the first time, the mind-worm-body patterns that led to this world-shattering rigmarole, tracing and coloring in his inner reverie, so that by understanding this one man, we may, perhaps, better understand ourselves, and the future we leave behind.


(it's a very loose remix of Vanilla Sky where David Aames/Tom Cruise, among other things, is saved by Spider Man, hallucinates his whole action movie career, and turns into The Mask from The Mask (and by extension, Jim Carrey). i swear it all made sense in my head, at some point…)

makes me think of FORCEFIELD vids

@tombo#23767 I am extremely looking forward to watching this

@tombo#21145 About 6 years ago I met the guy who made this at an event in Oakland where supercuts (including this and one of mine) were projected onto a big wall. He’s done similar supercuts of ST:TNG and X-Files. It was cool to see his name recently in the credits for How To with John Wilson.