videogame ambitions (videogambitions)

maybe you someday want to beat alien soldier on superhard, or learn japanese so you can play tokimeki memorial, or dig deep into the history of videogames in the soviet union.

what's some videogame stuff you really want to do, though you may never make the time for it?

for me i want to write an original nes game in assembly, written in a [literate style](, and presented as a "learn to code"/"how computers work" type book with no prerequisites.

I want to write a long-form game review of Google Earth, since that‘s probably the “videogame” I played the most as a child and the reason why I’m a huge geography nerd. There's so much I want to say about it but I feel like I need to improve my writing and researching skills before embarking on that quest

@“穴”#p43334 sounds like you need a montage.

i had the thought pop in my head last night that hardware is to videogames what musical instruments are to music, and thus there are at least as many ways a videogame can be as there's music that can be played.

looking at it with that broader view, yeah, google earth is an amazing game and i've only ever taken it for granted.

My idea is kind of the inverse of @“穴”#p43334 ‘s, in that it’s a blog for obscure, lesser known games presented as a sort of virtual museum you physically walk around. (I‘d include a terminal-esque system to get you from hub to hub, but you’re still walking to the specific room you want.) Basically, imagine the Namco Museum games or, in more practical terms, this, except each room/exhibit is dedicated to the kind of game you‘d find in the What’s That Obscure Game thread. I'd write up my usual analysis of the game for people to read, but also include screenshots, promotional material, videos etc. to contextualize that a bit more. Hell, I could even imagine inviting other people to make their own exhibits based on games they want to see written up.

Now is this wildly ambitious and a technical nightmare to manage in every possible way? Absolutely. Is there anything that might mitigate or justify such wild ambition? Probably not.

@“Video_Game_King”#p43341 it kind of sounds like the internet of the future as seen from the early 90s. like how the video game history foundation would be if we lived in the world of the lawnmower man.

sounds great!

I would really like to play an old RPG or dungeon crawler where I have to make my own map and actually do it to completion. I started the first Phantasy Star doing this, but this the Sega AGES version came out on switch with its own built in map, so I gave up the project. Can anyone recommend a good, retro game for map making?

And also... I wanna get far in Caves of Qud. I love that game sooooo much, but the roguelike aspect of it makes it very hard for me to survive for any substantial length of time. I pop on every once in a while to see how I do, and it's always awful.

I want to skim my thoughts in the pool that is my mind, and dump them into words about Final Fantasy XIII. While it‘s easily one of my favorites in the series it’s no secret that a lot of people had a lot to say about FFXIII in 2009. In my essay “Recollection of the Crystal” I‘ll go back to it’s announcement at E3 2006, it‘s break away from Playstation exclusivity, Square’s development of the Crystal Tools engine, and it‘s Japanese and Western release. I want to also go into games journalism at the time and how harsh people were on JRPGs (IE: Polygon’s review of Nier)

@“milo”#p43347 i‘ve been doing it for the original Dragon Quest. The world map is small enough for it to be a manageable project. I’ve been meaning to post my, uh, “work” in the DQ thread but not sure if I'm actually going to finish it

@“milo”#p43347 Ys books 1 and 2 is pretty good for map making, though it‘s not a dungeon crawler. just toward the end it gets to be this huge sprawling maze where if you don’t keep track you're running all over the place for ages.

Also, I am not sure I have any game ambitions particularly, because I don't like practicing or "getting good" at things. But if I had the super power to just be able to play through any game in the world on original hardware at a leisurely pace, I'd enjoy that power. Like, I want to beat demolition man for sega CD (lol) but there's an instant death beam section that's impossible to get through without massive frustration and restarts, unless you're on an emulator, and... heck.


Oooh that's totally my thing. Deep RPG with super simple graphics and UI. Cool!


I've never played a DQ game, but I've been wanting to get into it, so I'll definitely look into it!


And Ys has also been on my radar, and I've also never played it! Definitely gonna check it out.

Thanks guys!

I just want to play linda cube please lord

I want to beat Castlevania 1 without dying but I don‘t think I’ve ever managed to survive that room in the clock tower at the very end where eagles keep spawning in dropping fleamen everywhere

@“milo”#p43347 when i think back to playing through myst in middle school with no access to hints, i can‘t help but feel sad about what we’ve lost by having so much.

oh, you made me think of another one: get into dwarf fortress

@“yeso”#p43357 that game looks bananas

@“Privately_Attack”#p43348 my son picked up ff13 because he liked the girl on the box and got kind of into it. i didn't really get to play it much before our 360 broke. from what i played it was extremely not what i expected.

@“milo”#p43347 Wizardry is definitely tops but Bard‘s Tale and Might and Magic are also good ones of that era. Wizardry is much bigger in Japan and they’ve kept releasing new entries to this day and similar games. Oddly enough my videogambition is to make a Wizardry clone.

And for Caves of Qud you can turn permadeath off in the menu! It's a bit buried but it's there

I’d like to 1cc Contra on NES with the default number of lives. I can make it to stage 6 so far.

I’d also like to make some read through videos of old game magazines.


@“exodus”#p43352 Also, I am not sure I have any game ambitions particularly, because I don’t like practicing or “getting good” at things.

no idea for a game, perhaps a little overambitious, that you've been kicking around for years?

@“tomjonjon”#p43388 you probably know but in case you didn‘t, every issue of gamefan is scanned on i’d be shocked if other mainstream videogame mags didn't similarly.

my videogambition is to ensure that my cadre of 3DSs live forever so that i will be able to play them until i am old (or as old as i'm going to get - who knows!).

people are still playing old-butt hardware like original famicoms and master systems, but a lot of disc-based consoles are dying and having to be repaired. 15-20 years from now, will 3DS repairs be a thing? what about the batteries required to keep playing The Best Handheld Console Ever? nintendo will stop caring and producing parts soon, if they haven't already. but will enthusiasts keep the dream alive? i am here to say: i hope so.

the 3DS is my forever console.