Videogame bets you won

Here is one of mine, sadly I never received the payout we agreed upon.


My friends and I had multiple years where we hosted a “Pre-EVO” or “PrEVO” fighting game party. The highlight of the years has frequently been Money Matches between my friend and I. A few times it was for money, but it's often been for in-game DLC in whatever game we are playing.

  • - One year I lost some Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- matches and I needed to buy my friend the Rainbow Unicorn mount in Heroes of the Storm. He rode it once and then specifically never used it again if he was playing with me. Hilarious!
  • - Another year I crushed him in the _Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax_ money match and I won the full set of in-game glasses DLC. So you can dress up every character in the game with glasses. It owns and I love those $8 worth of glasses and sometimes I pull out the 360 specifically to play _Daytona USA_ and _P4A:U_ (which is possibly the best fighting game Arc ever made - fight me about this).
  • Ah yes, after hours in my store during the 90s we had money matches on our arcade machines.

    Good times.