videogames that make you hungry

me? i'm gonna start: metal gear solid IV and Mad World

I've always wanted to eat some puyo, they look tasty

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The ones in the box art for puyo puyo 15th anniversary win the award for the tastier looking Puyo

I am not gonna lie and say it as early as possible: entering this thread seems like a terrible idea.

Burger Time except when the egg enemies show up, they're kind of gross looking

Never completely understood the appeal of Cooking Mama, how can you play a game that seems designed to make you hungry??

and definitely Super Mario Sunshine, food as a video game if I ever saw it

The scene of everyone eating around the table in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time always made me really want to try those little colorful bits they‘re having… I have no idea what they are but everyone’s absolutely going to town on them with the same ravenous greed as the beginning of Spirited Away. Must be something real good if they're all fiending for it so hard every day!!

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Speaking of colorful bits... I can't be the only one who's wanted those star bits from _Super Mario Galaxy_. They look like little candies (though whether they'd be hard candy or gummy candy I've never been able to decide) and I want 'em **bad.**

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The town where I grew up had a pretty great kebab shop, and that kebab shop had a Ridge Racer cabinet. Ridge Racer still makes me think of good kebabs. I went back a few years ago and the Ridge Racer cabinet was gone, replaced by Crazy Taxi. Unfortunately it's no longer a good kebab shop and as a result Crazy Taxi makes me think of bad kebabs.


@“Funbil”#p58921 hard candy or gummy candy

They're gummy candy all the way. I forgot about Galaxy but you're right!

monster hunter- it probably doesn't make sense to eat a huge meal before fighting a huge monster, but that ritual of feasting before the hunt does make me want a snack.

ff xiv makes me hungry too. already know the play session is going to run long so i start to plan a snack/meal ahead of time

more like Monster HUNGER hehehe

The Yakuza games (specifically Judgement for me) made me very hungry in the sense that for the first time I wished I were (a) not a vegetarian, and (b) had lots of disposable income so I could go to dozens restaurants/bars/steak houses in real life and try absolutely everything on the menu. Before playing these games I was sort of anti-restaurants, since cooking is obviously cheaper, and I don‘t really like eating anyways. Now I kind of feel like I’m missing out by never going to restaurants, but there also hasn‘t actually been an opportunity to do so. I played Judgement in February 2020, and I’ve only eaten inside a restaurant once since then (during that brief period last summer when it looked like the pandemic might be ending).

@“saddleblasters”#p58987 Too bad pictures are small. They really should put in super huge high rez glistening pictures, maybe even some jiggles like in FFXV.

@"seasons"#p58926 The way she rubs that rump is the most obscene shit in videogame.

@“穴”#p58895 one time my friend gave me some SEGA puyo gummies he brought back from Japan. It was wish fulfillment, a dream come true, and very cathartic to finally vore up some puyos.

I did not enjoy my time with Final Fantasy XV, I think I gave up after about 4 or 5 hours, tops. One part of it I did enjoy, however, were the excellent renders of food when preparing a meal at camp.

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@“chazumaru”#p58896 I am not gonna lie and say it as early as possible: entering this thread seems like a terrible idea.

Sorry to give you a notification for a thread you said this about, but I entered this thread knowing I was already hungry, and yeah it was a bad idea (or a good one since it is inspiring me to get up and go cook supper)

@“rejj”#p59086 yeah its fucked up how good the food looks in this game that he makes with a camp stove

Yoshi's Cookies always looked so delicious

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Haven‘t played this in awhile, and may never again, but Kingdom Hearts II.

Not because of any tasty depictions of food or anything, but because when I was playing it in high school, I have very vivid memories of eating Costco calzones while playing it.

Grandia III makes me want oatmeal with lots of brown sugar in it.

Lion King for Sega Genesis (specifically. Doesn’t happen if I play any other version) makes me want Girl Scout cookies that I don't think exist anymore. They have raspberry in them, I think. Cherry? Strawberry? Something red.

@“mtvcribs”#p112809 I have similarly vivid memories of eating veggie straw snacks while watching a playthrough of Kingdom Hearts (the first one)! That game makes me hungry for the same reason Kingdom Hearts II makes you hungry. I guess there's just something about those games.