Wake-up Games or Games What One Plays in the Morning.

I've recently taken to playing Lumines on PSP (the quintessential PSP game?) in the mornings with a cup of coffee. Gets my mind moving. Does any one else AM game?

Heck yeah morning gaming! I think this came up on the show once and the hosts concluded only narcs or freaks would game in the early morning.

Ya gotta play when ya can. For me, that's before work.
I recently started Fire Emblem Three Houses and it has been the perfect morning game. Wake up, teach my students, explore the monastery (castle school), forge some friendships, plan some goals. My game time has probably been 90% school and 10% battle which fits well in the morning. I might not have time for a drawn out battle, or maybe I'll finish it and be late to work.

Also funny is the process of iterating the in-game calendar then going to work and uh, living the same day over and over again.

Plus it's a game you can mostly play with one hand while drinking coffee!

Extremely jealous of anyone who can manage more than waking and basic grooming in the morning. The closest I ever came to wake-up games were some mostly terrible “energy” based smartphone games, which I have gladly purged from my life at this point (e.g. the fortunately defunct non-game Tap My Katamari, the charming and lavishly produced but ultimately hollow pay-to-win Two Dots, and the one I actually do miss, Sega Heroes). I would love to say NYT Crosswords is my morning game (back when I was trying to maintain a streak it kinda was), but at this point its more of a drifting off to sleep game.

I typically play some Threes on my phone shortly after waking up. It‘s nice little brain exercise that doesn’t require timing or finesse.

My primary morning nerd-ritual is watching an episode of an anime every morning as I eat breakfast/drink coffee. I've been keeping this practice going for over a decade and it's let me watch LOTS of anime while never feeling burnt out.

Since late summer, I started waking up a bit earlier than I need to for work. I need an hour or so to wake up and be functional, so while I’m having some coffee I started playing something instead of mindlessly browsing the internet.

My morning gaming consisted of some stuff that probably makes me a psycho. When Deathloop launched, I realized the short runs and rouge like elements were perfect for playing short bursts and suited my morning gaming slot. After I finished the campaign of Deathloop, I played Forza Horizon 5 a bit in the mornings for a while too. I fell off that pretty hard recently and have been working my way through Super Mario 3D World as of late. I think anything I can pop in and play for bursts of like 30 mins are perfect in the morning.

@"Nemoide"#p51585 I love the idea of watching an anime episode in the mornings, that may be something I start doing…

I do think the early morning is the best time to play video games. It‘s a similar feeling to playing late at night, but without the guilty sub-feeling that you’re depriving yourself of sleep.

There was a while where I was waking up at 5 or 6am to play a few hours of Persona 4 before leaving for work around 10. It was nice sitting around in the dark (it was winter) before the world woke up and just having nothing else going on besides the video game. Then, I beat Persona 4 and couldn't really find anything I wanted to replace it with, which combined with my sleep schedule taking an unexpected turn toward catastrophe to make that particular habit to fall through. Nowadays I tend to just play Picross or read a book while I wake up.

I've started a routine of playing Death Stranding first thing in the morning. My work right now has me starting at wildly varying times, but I like to get up at the same time every day. Sometimes I will have time to complete one short standard delivery, other days I can spend the time to delve into the longer story bits naturally. Something about the barren environment and the isolating nature of the game also feels like I should be playing it in the early AM hours with a coffee next to me.


@“wickedcestus”#p51592 before the world woke up

Yeah, that's a really great feeling that I wish I tried to capture more often. The only time I've done that in recent memory was when I woke up early to finish FF7R last year. I am very much not a morning person, so this really speaks highly as to how much that game captivated me. Anyway, turns out I grossly underestimated how much of the game I had left to play and I'm pretty sure it was the early evening before I finished...


@“Nemoide”#p51585 watching an episode of an anime every morning

Love this idea--I'm usually browsing through youtube while I eat my breakfast and, if I'm lucky, spend maybe half that time actually watching something. Something like this might get me back on track with One Piece (or one of the many other relatively bite-size shows I keep telling myself I'll watch).

I‘m mostly a morning gamer at this life stage (too busy all other times of day) so I find myself playing more eat breakfast and drink coffee compatible games. Strategy games and rpgs. Paradox games and football manager are great for this bc you can browse through info like reading the newspaper. Can’t really handle action games early in the morning. Can't even imagine playing a shooter at 5:30am too stressful!

Usually I read a book immediately in the morning because I rarely have the energy for it after work, but when I'm on a vacation or something I love playing a handheld RPG after waking up. @wickedcestus Persona 4 in the dark winter morning sounds like peak game playing

I am not a big morning player, unless obviously there is a game that obsesses me and that I would try to play every waking hour. However, I can think of two recent exceptions.

**Animal Crossing New Horizons** became a morning routine for a year, mostly to check if the smuggler fox was in town, to take care of the daily fossils, and to attend other menial tasks that reset every day, like checking if the raccoons had one of the arcade cabinets for sale, so that I could finish the arcade center in my basement (it took a very long time for the fighting game model to drop). This would take about 20mins of playtime but I would usually try to cram them when I arrived at work while checking for the previous night’s emails (shhh don’t tell anyone).

And most recently, about two weeks ago, I started **Ring Fit Adventure** which I try to play every morning before going to work. This game has completely changed my morning routine. I live at walking distance of my office so I used to be able to wing it: stay in bed for a while, take a shower at the last minute, grab the closest clean clothes on the way out and walk (or run) to work.

Can’t do that anymore. I need to shower after Ring Fit and therefore need to wake up earlier, plan my morning, find which podcast I want in the background etc. On that note, I am really peeved that the game does not show the real time clock on screen; it gets me stressed every morning that I am going to be late for work.

Actually a few days ago I woke up too late to play due to an early morning call, so I found a way to go back home during lunch time in order to play Ring Fit, shower and return to work unbeknownst to anyone. Like some sort of self-hating abdominal heist. That was a bit dumb.

@“tomjonjon”#p51568 back when my eyes could still tolerate it i would start my morning with a session of ikaruga.

I find weekend mornings to be a good time to do story-driven stuff in RPGs and Adventure games. It's especially perfect when the game is kind of slow and you have a coffee, clear mind, and kind of a dreamy haze. Which is convenient because I find it fun to do grinding/boss fights best to do before bed, so it often lines up well for me.

I am a chronic insomniac (I am posting this at 3:45am lmao) and sadly don't have the mental fortitude to wake up early enough to have a satisfying enough amount of time to play a game. I wake up, check my phone for 10 minutes as I wake up, eat breakfast, shower, dress then work.


@“BluntForceMama”#p51578 hosts concluded only narcs or freaks would game in the early morning

I have been listening to old episodes and recently came across this one! I was confused by it because I have always enjoyed playing video games in the morning. I have nice memories of playing RPGs on Saturday mornings with my brother when we were younger like Shining Force and Suikoden. I remember waking up feeling excited to see what happened next in the story.

I agree with a couple other comments on here about playing games in the early morning during the winter with a cup of coffee. There is a really relaxing and cozy vibe to it. I’m specifically thinking of playing older games here, maybe sitting on the floor in front of a CRT. I agree that I would have a hard time playing more modern super stimulating stuff while waking up. A few months ago I started playing Kirby’s Adventure on the NES for the first time while I was having coffee on a Saturday morning and blew through like 3/4 of the game with headphones on while my partner and dog were sleeping in the other room. It was a really nice and memorable experience.

More recently I have been working late shifts, so I be gaming in the morning by necessity. This morning I played Balloon Kid while I drank more coffee than I usually allow myself, an exhilarating Friday treat. Anyway, I just came into this old thread to defend morning video games after hearing the consensus on the show. I think that overall, morning would be my favorite time to play games. It’s a vibe!

I‘ve slowly been replaying yakuza 0 over the past year. The side quests have a cartoony be yourself and do your best quality to them that’s nice to start the day with. Both of the in game businesses have small, routine tasks that get the mind moving too.

From about July 2013 until I screwed up my save trying to hack my 3DS in January 2016, AC New Leaf was my morning routine and a welcome escape from my life at the time.

2016 is also the year I started waking up at 6am and exercising and stuff though so I don't really play video games in the morning anymore. But when I was playing Wario Lands 1 and 2 I would peck at those on off days, in the morning.


Lots on the 3DS and the Konami PIXEL PUZZLE COLLECTION was good too. Most puzzle games seem to be good to wake up with.

Mine is Dragon Quest XI. If I’m going to play a game in the morning, it needs to be something without a nefarious “just one more !” feeling. DQ is so episodic, and while I like the story, I actually get bored with it after 30-60 mins. And autobattling is just designed for eating porridge to.

@“hellomrkearns”#p85909 I've been stuck on 198.8% for years… I need a new picross game on android