Wake-up Games or Games What One Plays in the Morning.

I feel guilty playing games first thing in the morning. the majority of my life I wasn‘t very good at “putting stuff on” like movies and series, I’d always default to games, podcasts, and youtube stuff. It is my belief that this contributed to my very bad depression in my late teens and early to mid 20‘s. since then, I’ve gotten a lot better at putting on touching movies or tv series first thing in the morning to wake up and “reset” my “spiritual/moral/emotional compass”, and put myself in a great mood to start the day! By the time I‘m fully caffeinated, I will start playing whatever game I’m playing at the moment. But really, for me personally I don‘t think it’s healthy to wake up and start moving puzzle pieces on my phone or anything of that sort, instant gratification. there are expectations for when I am binging hardcore, like when elden ring came out. I'm still self-aware that the way I was playing elden ring was not healthy though, lol.

BUT ever since I was in 2nd grade in 2002 it was my morning routine to play animal crossing before school. Then in the 2013's it made me late to work on many occassions. the 3PM song of New Leaf reminds me of being late to work. Those were not good times (new leaf). the 6-8AM songs of animal crossing gamecube, though, that's wasup.

but yeah in the spirit of the thread the first stuff I play in the AM is whatever I'm working on at the moment, which recently has been SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!! drink a REIGN energy drink and hit that sonic in the AM!! gotta go fast!!!!!!!!

@“thebryanjzx90”#p85929 I was too. Just had to make a few guesses to get the last ones.

does this forum counts as a morning game?

If I don't have to run to a job, I am pretty useless in the morning. So I have learned to take my time before I get to work at my desk. Usually this means scrolling the internet, but as of late I have been playing Famicom / NES games for half an hour / an hour while I drink my coffee and it has really put me in better spirits for the day. Taking all of Super Mario Bros. in 2 sessions, Gimmick! in 1 session, and currently Castlevania 3 in multiple save state sessions this way has done a lot to help me get my head straight.