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@“sabertoothalex”#p157097 Sort of? I'll send you a PM this evening about what I have.

@“sabertoothalex”#p157097 I have one I bought and never opened. If @exodus can't find his, hit me up.



Curious for both of you: do you have the original PS1-only card or the newer one that works on PS1 and PS2?

@“sabertoothalex”#p157158 Original PS1 model

yeah, same, mine's the ps1 only model (if I have the extra one).

@“milo”#p156717 Thanks for the feedback! I was hoping there were some sick hardware mods I wasn‘t aware of. Ended up picking up a replacement battery from videogamesny that’s faring well, and not as bad as I remembered.

@andrewelmore yes, as much as I've enjoyed breaking out the 3000, I miss the feel/weight of the 1000. I think I've talked myself into picking one up soon...

So if anyone has a PSP 1000 model they don't mind parting ways with, hit me up!

@“Slink”#p157275 I’ll send you a PM about a 1000.

@"captain"#p147771 Around a year ago when I thought about getting a PSP I determined the 1000 was _for sure_ the way to go because of something to do with the screen which I now can't recall. Curious @"andrewelmore"#p156848 why you prefer the 1000—is it for the weight like @"Slink"#p157275? Are they easier to take apart and mod?

I have of course googled "which PSP to get" and this is what I can make of the results:

1000 = pleasantly weighty, 32mb RAM, more "resolution accuracy"? (my invented and uninformed term, do not write down)
2000 = slimmer, brighter, 64mb RAM
3000 = like the 2000 but with scanlines (some don't like); more cheaply constructed? @"milo"#p156717 your comment has me thinking...
Go = unique form factor, plugs into a CRT over component

Some questions:

  • 1. Why does RAM matter in the context of just PSP/PS1 software? Pretty sure Sony didn‘t have emulating Yoshi’s Island in mind when putting more in the 2000, so what was the thinking?
  • 2. What are storage options for each?
  • The reason I am considering a PSP even though I already have [the greatest handheld console of all time](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b4/PlayStation-Vita-1101-FL.jpg/2560px-PlayStation-Vita-1101-FL.jpg) is I treat that thing like it's my child, I don't want to ding it up and carry it around in my pocket or loose in a book bag. I would do that with a PSP.

  • 3. Which PSP lives at the intersection of “sturdiest” and “best to hack and play PSP and PS1 games on,” keeping in mind the console's potential lifespan and ease of maintenance?
  • @“captain”#p157990 Just to throw this out there, if you get the official component cables I believe any PSP plugs into your TV. It does not feel good to hold, unfortunately!! Now if you could plug your PSP into a dock and then get an external controller hooked up to that, I'd probably just have a PSP permanently mounted on my TV.

    @“exodus”#p157996 Im pretty sure you can do exactly that with the pspgo and the official dock. My pspgo is packed away right now so I cant confirm this but Im fairly confident thats the case.

    Heck I might dig it out when I get home just to make sure because now its bothering me.

    @“Toph”#p157998 shoot. Well… I don‘t own one, but maybe that’s okay since I can‘t put my dang UMDs in there anyway! If ever a mister-like arrives that can do psp/ps2 that’ll be my television-connected psp I guess. (though apparently this will maybe never happen)


    As far as sturdiest, obviously 1000 is the way to go. Personally, I prefer holding the slim models, but they do feel like a little wafer that's gonna snap if you grip it too hard, compared to the 1000 feeling like a metal block. Both are nice for different sets of hands.

    One little tiny thing... Because of the construction, the disc "flap" on the back of the 1000 tends to bow out over time and can be annoying for some people because of the way it sticks out. The slims are less prone to this sort of thing.

    And I should have mentioned that my comment about screen quality was mostly anecdotal... I have read in different online posts that the 3000 screen is the "best" one, but I actually spent a considerable amount of time putting Chrono Cross on a 2000 and a 3000 back to back because I got so curious and I generally thought the colors on the 3000 were fuller and deeper. Maybe not a big difference to some...

    And the PSP Go actually has a [memory card mod](https://geniusgamemods.com/products/psp-go-micro-sd-memory-card-adapter-kit) you can do that will let the system accept normal micro SD cards and not the weird M2 card it usually takes, while also extending the memory up to 128GB. @Slink I should have mentioned this one upgrade, but it's literally the only one and I forgot about because it's so niche lol.

    Thanks @milo, I ended up finding a Pro Duo card with the micro SD adapter and threw a 64GB card in there which has worked great.

    @captain after a recent test run with my 3000, followed by time with my "new" 1000, I can definitely say I prefer the 1000 easily. I have big banana hands and am a bit OCPD, so I love the larger size, weight and feeling of sturdiness to it. Where as @milo already mentioned, the 3000 feels a bit too light and flimsy for my taste and hand size. Also I'm not refined enough to notice or care about the difference in the screens or RAM.

    Lastly, I think there's also a nostalgia factor at play, as I was obsessed with the PSP leading up to its launch and got one near release day. So none of the other models could ever make me feel that good ol fuzziness the 1000 series gives me. This thing feels and looks as luxurious as it did 20yrs ago! In my casual (and biased) mind, the original PSP is peak Sony.

    @“captain”#p157990 My reasons for preference of the 1000 is just because it feels like a ~ luxury device ~ lol. In that classic Sony fashion it's wildly over-designed and feels weighty, sure, but it also just feels much more sturdy and well constructed. Whereas in the 2000 and 3000 (we need not even mention the PSP Street from Europe) you can kinda feel where the costs were cut by comparison.

    The extra 32MB of RAM is strictly (to my recollection) a UMD cache to ease up load times and battery life, partially because the 2000 and 3000 also have smaller batteries.

    @"exodus"#p157996 Only the 2000 and 3000 have analog video out, and only the 3000 can do component. The 2000 is stuck to composite and maybe s-video? I may have made up that s-video part. The PSP Go can do this as well but only with the official dock, and sadly those are now stupid expensive.

    @"milo"#p158036 the 3000 has a wider color gamut, so color depth is better, it's not your imagination! The problem, however, is the 3000's display uses horizontally sorted subpixel arrangements (i'm sorry, we've entered the nerd zone here) that give the image a weird "interlaced" look in motion. Personally I find it super distracting! If you drop an IPS display in a 1000 you can make use of the wider color gamut and get some nice, neat, razor sharp pixels.

    The new PSP Go memory card thing is weird. I've tried to install three of those and not one of them has worked yet, mysteriously.

    Reviving this thread because i am searching for a GBA flashcart! Ive recently started playing my childhood SP and am having a way better time with it than i do emulating gba games.
    If anyone has one lying around ill gladly purchase it. Would be happy with any kind really.

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    did you ever get this? i have some and you can just have one if ya wanna pay shipping


    That would be amazing!!

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    It does - you have to hit the tiny white arrow to reply to someone:

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    Yes hi, do you mean the DMG-01? @tomjonjon sent me his! I haven’t gotten around to re-shelling it yet but I’ll post when I do!!