WarioWare DIY

The DoujinSoft Store, the fan revival of the WarioWare DIY service, just got support for playing microgames in the browser:



This is super cool because if you've tried connecting an original DS to the internet recently, you'll find that it's super annoying to do. They don't support modern Wi-Fi connections, so you either go for open wifi or nothing. WarioWare DIY is a really fun way to make little games like this so it's super cool to see these playable on something without the need for a bunch of setup.

This is bigger than the Mario movie trailer for me. Trying to find my games to upload them now…

Looks like they have to approve uploads manually but 4 of my 56 are there.

I posted in their discord and they made a collection of all my games! I haven't looked at them in ages and there is a lot of stuff that made more sense at the time (with maybe a bit more context on my tumblr). https://diy.tvc-16.science/collection?id=o_dunk