Western cartoons

I want some more easy shows to watch where my brain is not involved. Western cartoons are often good for this! But I'm all out of things to watch and would like some recommendations. We can also just discuss what we like here.

For me:

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    I like a lot of things about the venture bros but it's a bit edgy and mean sometimes for my taste. Seasons 2 and the one where Dean goes to new York are cool.

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    I don't like super heroes but I do like batman the animated series, for the animation and the more noir storylines. Is there any reason I'll like the Harley Quinn show? I feel like I won't but I'm happy to be convinced. "super heroes who swear and talk about sex" is like the best description to get me to roll my eyeballs so it's gotta be real good.

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    owl house is cute even though it's uneven, I like the adventure aspect

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    I liked adventure time except for the chewing and the fluff episodes

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    Metalocalypse was good for a while

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    I liked the first few seasons of Bob's burgers before it became the same jokes every episode. Also home movies

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    I do not like archer, too many jokes, too little breathing room

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    space ghost was good

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    I also liked the new ducktales more or less.

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    I did not like infinity train at all, sorryyyyyyyyy

  • Well! What have we got??


    Dang it I was going to suggest Space Ghost: Coast to Coast right up until I saw the last bullet point!

    _Bluey_ is genuinely excellent. It is one of those "sure this is marketed as a kids show but secretly has enough for everyone to enjoy" type of things.

    I recall enjoying _Rocco's Modern Life_, but that was **30 years ago** and I have no idea if it holds up at all.

    Not really a Western cartoon, but _Starblazers_ got chopped and hacked up so much from the original that it maybe counts?

    @“exodus”#p82068 i feel like you'd probably dig Gravity Falls, at least a little. good mix of comedy, gentle scare elements and a bit of Twin Peaks.


    oh man, also have to go to bat for The Boondocks. “get it on DVD and PSP!”

    probably my favourite show for a good couple of years in my 20s.


    12 Oz. Mouse existed for as long as it did because of the fact it took “ten dollars and the paper in the printer” to produce.

    Its meandering and inscrutable plot is similar to Twin Peaks in that it seems obtuse but rewards close attention, but it's mostly about the V I B E, so if you aren't liking the vibe after doing the old "3 episode test" you can safely move on to something else.

    If you like the Venture Brothers, you may like "Frisky Dingo", but that's more "punchline-y".

    Really showing my age with this post.

    I‘m a one episode test type of person these days which is why I didn’t do so hot on gravity falls - I couldn‘t get into steven universe either - I’ll check some of these others out though!

    The boondocks didn't do it for me, the timing on the dialog felt weird, but that was a long time ago, I could try again.

    Here are two rather reliable collaborative lists, the Top 100 for animated series and Top 100 for animated feature films produced or co-produced in France.

    I am sure a bunch of them (esp. recent flicks like Le Sommet des Dieux) could be found with a dub or subtitles on US streaming sites. Apparently Le Sommet des Dieux is available on Netflix everywhere.


    The creator of **Lastman** (the original comics on which the TV series is based) is a huge fighting game fan and wrote an entire comics anthology about them. The series is apparently available in the US on [VRV](https://vrv.co/).


    @“exodus”#p82080 well at least you gave em a try. that's all you can do!

    one more i'll mention: Over the Garden Wall.


    Also, speaking of French animation, haven’t seen it myself yet but everyone raved about Arcane last year and it seems short enough of a series (at the moment) to catch up and build your own contradictarian opinion!


    have you tried Avatar the Last Airbender? it's pretty good and easy to watch. the sequel series The Legend of Korra is also great

    i feel like they are an obligatory mention here

    If your're inexplicably in the mood for something (much) heavier, Waltz With Bashir is an animated documentary feature film (an odd combination). It won all sorts of awards in 2009-2010.


    Israeli filmmaker Ari Folman wrote, directed and stars in this autobiographical animated film. As a 19-year-old infantry soldier in the 1982 war with Lebanon, Folman witnessed the Sabra and Shatila massacre, but realizes that he has no memory of the event. In 2006, he seeks out others who were in Beirut at the time to discuss their memories, including a psychologist specializing in post-traumatic stress disorders and the first journalist to cover the massacre.

    [The Guardian](https://www.theguardian.com/film/2008/oct/25/waltz-with-bashir-ari-folman) says:


    Waltz With Bashir is a documentary, yet it is animated. It tells a series of true stories, yet unspools like a hallucination. It is gripping, painful, and lingers in the mind long after the credits roll.

    I’ve actually been watching Steven Universe which is a show I’ve heard extremely unhinged things about for years because the fans are a bit intense and the haters are chuds. Turns out it’s just pretty delightful, has some neat worldbuilding, nice music, and it’s pretty funny! I recommend checking it out.

    @“Moon”#p82089 Waltz With Bashir was excellent. Have you seen The Congress? I have not, yet.


    I watched it once years ago, I think when it was briefly available on Netflix streaming? (I might be mis-remembering)

    I remember liking it but otherwise I feel like I didn't retain much memory of it. It might be time for a rewatch!

    It appears to be available for rent/purchase on Amazon streaming.

    Outside of the perhaps three most popular recent series, Adventure Time, Steven Universe and Gravity Falls, which are all good and recommendable you have Hilda, which is about a little girl that goes on adventures with a bit of nordic flavor, encountering trolls, forest spirits and magic ravens. I think it‘s available on Netflix and it’s a fun time.


    The most recent **She-Ra** series was a huge departure from all the prior He-man stuff. It was produced by ND Stevenson (creator of Nimona and Lumberjanes, two really good comics I recommend!) and it included some queer and LGBTI representation that of course annoyed a very specific set of fans, while the rest of the world went on to enjoy the series.


    And here's a bit of a curveball but I recommend to anyone watching the 90s adaptation of the **Moomins**. It's a Japanese-Dutch co-production, with most of the staff being from Japan, so it technically would qualify as anime? But it's based on the books by Tove Jansson and is a really different vibe from what you may expect from something identified by that term. Really cute and charming with a gentle and nice vibe.


    The already mentioned Over the garden wall is short and sweet and worth anyone's time. Avatar and Korra are also good ones, and on the DC animated series sphere there is Young Justice, a series I was very strongly recommended by friends and that I largely ignored because I'm not into the superhero trend either, but that I ended up watching in a whim and found out that it's really good.

    Hilda is great and I would actually recommend reading the lil books too, they’re fantastic.

    Love, Death , & Robots on Netflix is computer animated rather than traditional western animation but is worth checking out. It‘s an anthology series so none of the episodes are related, but I enjoyed a good 2/3rds of them and they’re mostly only about 15min. each. There is a good variety of tone and style.

    Home Movies is the good stuff, but you've probably already seen it.

    Home Movies is great.

    Did you ever watch Rocko's Modern Life? I don't know how well the series holds up either but if you'd asked little me in the nineties I'd have recommended it.

    @"JoJoestar"#p82094 love love love the Moomin anime. Would watch it again dubbed, but I'd miss the Japanese op if they changed it.

    @"Moon"#p82097 I watched the Robert Valley one "Zima Blue" and loved it, but then took a chance on "Sucker of Souls"; great art and animation, **awful** writing and hatable characters. I've been meaning to check out the rest but I think that series calls for an episode guide.

    This is a really basic rec now but Persepolis is great and very funny.

    I hate Disney but enjoyed Tangled a lot. It has a few genuinely clever gags in it, and the toxic parenting themes reached me personally (YMMV). The sidekick isn't obnoxious and the animal characters don't talk which are also a relief.

    I really enjoyed Wakfu when I was watching it. I remember seeing all of season 1 but then couldn't find a download of season 2 (this was in 2010 I think (I don't know if that explains the trouble I was having)) and fell off the Wakfu wagon. I should get back on.

    There was this series that I watched on Kids WB (or maybe Teletoon, or both) in 1997 called [The Legend of Calamity Jane](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmr7UQGOjo2NmEBGfTuawfCrW5s-7rARU) that I've always wanted to revisit. The opening minutes of the first episode don't pull their punches. I remember at the time drawing fanart for it in my journal at school instead of following the teacher's prompt lol (more info on [the lost media wiki](https://lostmediawiki.com/The_Legend_of_Calamity_Jane_(found_English_dub_of_animated_series;_1997-1998)))

    (Trying not to clutter my post about this, but I kept digging for info on LoCJ this morning. Piko Interactive have bought the show's original masters and plan a French & English DVD release, tweet about upcoming kickstarter [here](https://twitter.com/Pikointeractive/status/1557782417682956288). Meanwhile there is another DVD from this year by "Invincible Pictures" that I can't find much of any info on, hmm)

    I've always been curious about the Corto Maltese adaptations. What I saw of the 2003 series seemed cool. Maybe it wasn't though?

    i really like solar opposites