What am I up to?

i’m really rushing applying to as many jobs as possible. my leave of absence from my job ends next week and i am NOT looking forward to the amount of work or whatever kind of dumb stuff they’re going to put me through.

this isn’t a last minute thing, either. i’ve been applying for about a few weeks now with no luck and i think worst case i may have to bite the bullet and return to work and start applying in the morning before my shift or whatever s:

idk. this is a usual “my job sucks” kinda post LOL. fingers crossed that i hear something back soon this week, cause i’m going to be doubling my efforts.


Today I’m weighing up whether or not to accept a job I’ve kind of been offered.

I’ve been self-employed for nearly 10 years, and have loved the freedom that comes with that, even if the job itself is sometimes hard. Last week I was approached by someone who does a more interesting version of the thing I do to see if I’d be interested in doing it with them. I’d lose all the self-employed freedom I currently have (I’m on this forum right now instead of working and I may go for a walk soon), but I’d make quite a lot more money. I’d also get to do the ‘fun’ part of the job without all the boring ‘running a business’ stuff. But I’d be there 8 hours a day every day doing it.

Lots of benefits to both. I don’t know!


accepting the job seems like more upside than downside from where i’m sitting