what are the best "practical effects" in video games?

things like how Hazy Maze Cave has no ceiling (supper mario broth has a million of these)

this video thats making the rounds gave me the idea for this post
(also watch the [behind the scenes!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzSGgGm7kjY))

So stuff like how Animal Crossing's maps are just big cylinders? Visual trickery?

@GigaSlime#25431 visual trickery is a better phrasing for what i want, but yeah !

While the game itself is often reviled (unfairly, I think) Star Control 3 is notable for literally having puppets for all its aliens.


@Just_Walli#25428 I like how the behind the scenes secret is just “they did exactly that”

I'm going to stick with the idea of "practical effects" in the more conventional sense and recommend these videos that detail some of the practical origins of the assets in DOOM. It's amazing how many of these now legendary weapons and sprites began as rough clay models or random toys that were lying around:



@Syzygy#25443 Starting to wonder if every video game train is actually stationary


@compositehiggs#25436 (unfairly, I think)

I am a HUGE star control fan. I spent so long with the first game while it was contemporary, playing with a friend sharing a keyboard in melee, running against the lack of n-key rollover and generally finding every excuse for why anyone would lose a round :) (the tactics game portion was a blast also)

Then SC2 came out. I was expecting an expansion of the tactics type game, and whatever other small improvements would come with a sequel. I was _blown away_ by what they actually did, and it still rates very highly for me to this day.

I ... played SC3, and I guess I had fun? I know people scream about it being awful because the team that became Toys For Bob didn't make it; however it is nowhere near as good as SC1 or 2. It's not _bad_, it just isn't ... as good?

sorry for wandering off on an off-topic tangent, heh

3D furniture popping out of 2D leaf sprites in animal crossing !

Also, prior to the world being a cylinder, the acre system of the first game was so fun and I miss it. They definitely used an engine designed for Zelda to make that game. :0

When you say practical effects my mind goes to Fantasion and it’s 150+ handmade dioramas. That’s an impossibly good looking game.

One of my favorite aspects of the first dark souls is how the world is interconnected and wraps in on itself. One aspect of this is how you can see different parts of the world from great distances, and sometimes it‘s the actual rendered part of the world you’re looking at, not some draw distance trickery.

[Here's](https://www.google.com/amp/s/illusorywall.tumblr.com/post/132589360859/dark-souls-1-distant-views-explained/amp) a good write up about all that.

I think this one is well known at this point but the train in Fallout 3 being a thing that your character wears with some custom animations to make it look like it's moving on rails is still really funny to me.


The way the Mach Pizza / other special delivery NPCs in earthbound use actual pathfinding to traverse the world and find your character was amazing, and an example of Satoru Iwata's world-class programming.