what are your favorite flights in games?

mario 3 tanooki suit, mario 64 wing cap, tears of the kingdom diving, breath of the wild paragliding- what are your favorite sections/mechanics/mini games in video games that involve taking to the air? gliding is cool, flight sims are rad, magical air abilities are awesome let me know please i want to join my avian family

@“NewGenderPlus”#p128094 The Just Cause zipline+parachute combo is great. I played 10 hours of Just Cause 4, a game I didn't even like, just because bouncing around in the air was so much fun. I hear its as good/better in the earlier ones too.

I love the flight/hover abilities in _Control_, because that's the closest I've ever come (while awake) to feeling the sensation of sleep flying. Really uncanny how well they nailed the way it feels in my dreams.

As much as I like the tripple-jump takeoff mechanic in _Super Mario 64_, I hate the feeling of controlling the flying, enough that it was a factor stopping me from wanting to learn the 70 star speedrun route.

Gravity Rush 1 & 2. The feeling of hurling myself in any direction never felt old, it had just the right feeling in its visuals and sound to make you really feel its sense of speed and power flying around. The impact when crashing onto any surface was equally satisfying.

Playing as Ray in Sonic Mania Plus is a lot of fun and super satisfying catching air when coming up from a dive.

That first level in Starfox 64 always felt like a satisfaction factory. Getting close to the water and seeing it spray up near the tips of the wings. Going through the little arches to get to the secret boss. All so satisfying.

Gun Valkyrie, once you get use to the controls, feels really cool, especially when you're dodging around in the air.

Twinbee: Rainbow Bell Adventures kinda works the same way as Rocket Knight Adventures, but it's a bit more flexible. Specifically if you hold down when you're still airborne it puts you into a hover mode, allowing you to charge and redirect your rocket trajectory. Additionally, if you're in an outdoor zone, you can fly out of the atmosphere into space. Nothing is there in the first few levels, but it's still neat!

Pilotwings 64's hang glider makes me yearn for the skies. The gyrocopter and jetpack are cool too, but that island hang glider song is so nice.

Terranigma easily. Those who've played it to the end know what I mean.

@“Tradegood”#p128103 Bird Man mode kept me entertained for hours as a kid in Pilot Wings 64. Just straight chillin.

⑤ Skydiving in Tears of the Kingdom. Link just falls at the right speed. Great camera work, too.


④ Chilling with flocks of birds in **Tori no Hoshi**. The true best part is gliding through a thunderstorm but I can’t find a good video showing that.


③ Using the jetpack in **Worms**. Perfect jetpack inertia.


② Getting the wings in **ToeJam & Earl** and abandoning your co-op buddy to visit that horny bathtub in Level 0.


① Any Boss Fight in **AZEL**. There’s something about the way the camera swoops when you move around the enemy that is especially satisfying.


@“◉◉maru”#p128111 Tori No Hoshi looks SO GOOD. It‘s crazy how I’m still discovering unique PS2 games.

In GTA Online, one of the heists is to steal a bunch of fighter jets from an aircraft carrier. When you do, the music switches to Danger Zone and you blast away from the aircraft carrier and it rules.

Also in GTA Online, I have a Hind D helicopter so whenever a mission involves chasing someone down, I just summon my gunship, watch them think they can get away and then missile them out of existence while Jane Child plays.

Tom Clancy's HAWX has a great pulled out camera where you hand brake drift fighter jets. That's pretty good flying.

After Burner Climax is wonderful.

NiGHTS Into Dreams. Just… the whole game. I think I remember reading somewhere that when Yuji Naka thought of the idea for the game, he was on a plane and imagined a game that would make the player feel like they're actually flying.

It's hard to try and do that in a 2D space, but I feel like the way NiGHTS controls is so care free and floaty and when you really get into that _flow state_ the game just takes you. I find myself getting really into high score run and physically leaning sideways from focus and then reeling back when I hit the checkpoint and finish the run.