"What could possibly go wrong?"


@“fridgeboy”#p38532 Where cool spot at?

The bro is on my Sega Genesis Mini. I added him to it. And I play it unironically... for about 30 minutes and then remember "Oh my God, finding all these dots takes forever."

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/NsbpZh7.jpeg]

Reminder that Awesome Possum is cited in the soundtrack to the Lego Movie. That sounds like another strike against The Possum.

I feel like we should get earthworm jim in here…

I like the concept of Earthworm Jim as a character even if the game sucks

Unfortunately that is forfeit as well due to its creator being Doug Tenapel :/

Ah man, I feel bad for Ristar, Sparkster and Bonk being on here. Those are all solid and cool as hell. I put myself down for Zool because even though Awesome Possum is in this, it was at least playable. Kind of. I don‘t think I’ve had the patience to see anywhere past the first stage of Zool. Gex's games were also actually pretty competent.

I would like to do a ranking of the contemporary sonic-likes some day, maybe that‘ll be my next post. I suspect Socket is gonna be my personal winner there though, after all the ones I’ve tried!


earthworm jim is clearly the best of the bunch as he has an animated cartoon AND catchy theme song.

the fans have spoken and the poll has been edited

I changed my answer to Conker

ah, you can change your vote! that's cool. I switched to the conker train as well.

Where‘s Bloodrayne? She’s the '00s Bubsy, no question.

Awesome Possum is the nadir of Sonic pretenders: the game itself is less playable than any of the alternatives, the characters suck, the big selling point of the game (digitized speech) both sounds awful and is wasted on completely unmemorable sub-Bubsy nonsense, and it checks the obligatory '90s environmentalist box in a manner that's so overt it comes off as hollow.

I'll go to bat for Gex inasmuch as the 3D games are better-than-average facsimiles of Mario 64--there weren't as many of those as you might presume, and if you only owned a PS and wanted something in that specific vein then you weren't going to find much better.


@“exodus”#p38761 I would like to do a ranking of the contemporary sonic-likes some day, maybe that’ll be my next post. I suspect Socket is gonna be my personal winner there though, after all the ones I’ve tried!

For a while, I was kicking around a project that'd profile all the would-be Sonic games, talk to the creators and try to establish some overarching criteria with which to determine what constitutes a "Sonic clone", but I gave up on it for a bunch of reasons—not being able to contact/get co-operation from certain people, finding out certain others had veered off into MAGA-land, etc—but one big reason was that everything I learned about Zool led me down yet another rabbithole and I got really, really tired of thinking about Zool.

Through that process, I did learn that the creator of Rocky Rodent works on Sonic nowadays, so good for him, I suppose.

To be honest I hate Croc

Zool wasn’t voted the worst enough in this thread and now blood is on our hands.


OH NO what have we done

what I'm impressed by is how much worse it looks in 16:9 with tiny zool

I can now buy (or at least wishlist) Zool on Steam but I can’t buy Monolith’s Captain Claw or Finland’s hidden gem Pekka Kana 2? That’s bullshit. Cancel the Steam Deck.


Thought about this thread for no particular reason.


@“chazumaru”#p47759 can I change my vote to whatever the hell that was

Apparently this is completely divorced from TenNapel, but I still don't see this going well…….


@“Funbil”#p48691 Fortunately they seem to rejected the politics that TenNapel embraced. Granted, that‘s a very low bar to clear, but at least they’re clearing it.

My general opinion is that you don’t get to endorse Earthworm Jim without tacit endorsement of TenNapel.

See also: ‘J K Rowling must not be THAT bad because my friend is doing a Hogwarts themed birthday party’.

What I’m saying is that the Dragon Quest Slime on my desk needs a cardboard speech bubble saying ‘Sugiyama is the REAL monster!’